Why It's OK to Change Your Mind Post-Graduation | Cram Time with GradConnection - Ep 4

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Feeling lost in your first year out of university? In our penultimate episode of Cram Time with GradConnection for the season, we're joined by Associate Product Manager (GradConnection), Jenny Li to chat about why it's ok to switch fields in your early career - even after 5 years of law school!

Hear first-hand tips on how to get over new role anxiety, navigating the pros and cons of being an introvert in the workplace and the importance of switching off your notifications at 5:30pm sharp. Plus, learn all about the field of 'product,' what it actually involves and how you can maximise your opportunities to get into it. 


(Jump to 00:49 to skip the intro!)  

02:32 Back to back internships and the law student hustle

05:18 Travel, try different things and make the most of your uni experience

06:33 Goodbye 5 years of law school - why it's ok to switch fields in your early career

09:58 Young vibes and free merch - start-ups vs big companies

11:28 So what's "product" anyway?

13:48 Top 3 qualities an aspiring product manager should have

16:24  Is there a degree for product management?

17:43 Open grad and internship opportunities (Quick Picks)

19:02 So… when can I go to lunch? How to get over new role anxiety and make friends in the workplace

21:48 Being an introvert in the workplace, and why it's a good thing

23:28 Am I qualified for this? Imposter syndrome as a recent grad

29:40 My notifications are *off*

34:15 How to get a graduate offer as an intern

35:12 Do I really have anything meaningful to say? Learning to contribute to meetings

36:32 Make it a meeting or send it in an email? (This or That)

40:01 Tips on standing out in a group task in assessment centres

41:54 Dear first-year me…


Jenny Li

Associate Product Manager, GradConnection

Former Analyst @ Citi and Intern @ Macquarie Group, Westpac and PwC

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