Why You Should Take an Internship

Posted by Devina Tarin

Internships have increasingly become the best way for a head start to your career once you graduate and is a way for you to apply what you’ve learnt over the past years to use in a professional working environment. You may already know that internships have become a requirement in many universities and courses to complete your degree, however there are also many other reasons into why doing an internship could help you with your career prospects:

Gain Experience and Skills

Employers are increasingly looking for graduates that have experience in their chosen field and through internships, you are able to get hands-on experience that is related to your interests and degree in a professional working environment. Having these experiences of working in a professional environment impresses employers that seek graduates that have experience and familiarity in a workplace and has greater potential to be hired.

Increase Employability

Internships allow you to gain work-related skills that employers value and look for when hiring, giving you the opportunity to have a wider range of choices of employment after you graduate. The majority of companies offer internship programs and use these internships to recruit graduates for a permanent

Develop Transferable Skills

As internships give you the opportunity to work and be exposed to the different areas and fields of an organisation, this allows you to apply, assess and integrate your skills and knowledge in a work setting

Explore Interests

You are able to explore your interests in various fields and find mentors than can expose you to different career possibilities. Exploring the different career fields can help you determine on what you’re interested in and which type of career suits you the most

Develop Professional and Personal Identity

Working and getting experience in a work environment helps develop and improve your personal skills that need improvement including your ability in problem solving, communication, leadership and critical thinking. Internships also allow you to find your interests, deepen your knowledge and strengthen your skills as well as develop your confidence, etiquette and habits in a work place. You can also find out what type of worker you are, what motivates you to work and what you need to improve during your time


Internships are the best way in making professional contacts. Building up your network with valuable contacts and references can be crucial to your future career prospects and making contacts through internships could be a valuable source of information when you’re seeking for graduate jobs.

Develop a Professional Portfolio

Document your achievements during your internship, listing your responsibilities, performance and skills that you’ve gained. A portfolio is a great way to show your potential employers what you’ve done that is compact and efficient.

Internships help you develop and shape yourself as a potential employee as well as enhance your skills and professionalism before you start your career. If you’re thinking of taking an internship program or a placement, these are some tips on how to land one:

Proofread and Check Your Resume

Small errors such as grammar or spelling errors in your resume could be crucial to whether the employer would accept you or not. Another thing to look for in your resume is to make sure you didn’t outstretch the truth. It is important to be as honest as you can with your achievements and experience or the employer could find out you won’t be chosen

Application Deadlines

It is always a good idea to apply early for internships before the application deadline. If employers were to receive eligible applications early, they may already offer and fill in positions before the final application deadline, making you lose your opportunity to get the internship.

Internship Interviews

During an internship interview, it is essential for you to appear presentable and neat since first impressions are always a make or break. Employers would like to see how motivated you are for the job role. It is important that you’ve done research over the industry and the position that you are applying for as they frequently ask you about it. Also make sure to emphasise flexibility as interns usually don’t stick to one role during their internship. 

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