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The Australian Defence Force (ADF) offers a range of professions for graduates looking for a career that offers satisfaction excitement and challenges that you wouldn't find in any other organisation.

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About Australian Defence Force

Comprising the Navy, Army and Air Force, the Australian Defence Force is a modern, people-focused organisation; and one of Australia's major employers.

The Australian Defence Force is one of the world's leading military organisations. We fulfil key defensive roles as well as providing a range of peacetime services.

The ADF provides a formidable military capability built upon expertly-trained personnel and technically-advanced vessels, vehicles, aircraft and weapons. Working in close cooperation, the Navy, Army and Air Force are tasked with the defence of:

  • our nation, its borders and coastline
  • our people and their values, and
  • our way of life.

In addition to defending our nation, the ADF supports a broad range of operations in Australia and overseas, including:

  • supporting international security and counter-terrorism initiatives
  • protecting our borders from illegal activity and incursions
  • supporting humanitarian and peacekeeping operations, and
  • helping communities affected by natural disasters.

You'll find the ADF located right across Australia and on vessels worldwide. Personnel may also be deployed overseas on combat, disaster relief, peacekeeping and aid provision operations.


Army management and leadership training is an excellent next step after uni or school. You'll receive a full salary as you train and acquire new skills that benefit you for life.

The Royal Military College – Duntroon (RMC) is a dynamic, forward-thinking community where life and vocational skills are acquired and the leaders of tomorrow are created. Officer training at RMC will enhance your confidence, initiative, communication skills and decision making ability; and within just 18 months you could be in command of up to 30 soldiers.

Army Officer careers are incredibly diverse, with jobs matching every ambition and skill set. Following training you'll specialise in a specific area, choosing from armoured, artillery, aviation, engineering, infantry, intelligence, medical, ordnance, signals, transport and more.

Your life in the Army will be rich and varied, with travel, adventure and memorable experiences. Other benefits you'll enjoy include:

  • A good salary plus generous Super
  • World-class management training
  • Equal pay and opportunities for all 
  • Tailored career management
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Job security 
  • Free medical and dental
  • Subsidised accommodation
  • A supportive team environment
  • Free sports and fitness facilities

Show us you have the potential to develop into an outstanding Army Officer, and you could start your training at the Royal Military College - Duntroon with one of three $10,000 scholarships:

  • Leadership and Management Scholarship
  • Women in Management Scholarship
  • Indigenous Management Scholarship

To apply for a scholarship, you first have to apply to join the Army as an Army Officer. During the application process you'll be given the opportunity to tell us why you feel you could develop into an exceptional leader, based on a number of criteria.

Applications are now open for 2018 and 2019 entry. Search 'Army Learn to Lead' to find out more and apply online today.

Professional Development

Benefit from world-class training for your ADF role, together with opportunities to gain professional, trade and tertiary qualifications. You'll start learning from the day you join the ADF, gaining knowledge that benefits your whole career. We'll prepare you for service life, ensure you're fit enough to serve, and equip you with the personal and professional skills to tackle every challenge in every situation.

The ADF has a well-deserved reputation for producing leaders of the highest calibre. We take resourceful men and women and transform them into Officers, who lead and manage teams in a variety of capacities. As an Officer in the ADF you'll gain highly sought-after management and leadership skills that will benefit your whole career.

The ADF invests heavily in the personal and vocational development of all personnel, and offers promotion courses that prepare you for higher rank. You can choose to grow your skills in your existing trade or profession, or you might be approved to specialise in a new or expanded field.

The Benefits

The most consistent aspect of life in the Navy, Army or Air Force is the tremendous variety, combining stimulating work opportunities with fulfilling lifestyles.

Enjoy days that are always different

Whether on base, on land or at sea, in some respects working for the ADF can be much like being employed in a comparable civilian role (if there is one). However, you are likely to enjoy far more variety, along with life-changing experiences such as assisting communities affected by conflict or natural disasters.

Live in comfort

ADF accommodation varies by service and role but you'll find it's always comfortable and practical, even if you're at sea. During initial training you'll live on base, giving you the opportunity to bond with fellow recruits. After that you may have the option to live on or off base, or rent or buy locally. Either way, accommodation is mostly subsidised.

Find flexibility in the way you can serve

People who join the full-time Navy, Army or Air Force are commonly expected to work on a full-time basis. However the ADF has flexible work arrangements available such as the ability to work from home, work from another location or work outside your normal core hours.

Be paid to stay fit

You can forget paying for costly gym memberships, as in the ADF part of your working day is likely to involve a work-out. Most bases have good sport and fitness facilities, and some have special interest clubs for activities such as rock climbing, golf, water skiing, scuba diving and sailing.

Make friends for life

The Navy, Army and Air Force provide supportive working environments where you'll meet many like-minded people. The rewarding work you do together, and the experiences you share, will forge special friendships that last a lifetime.



You must be an Australian citizen to join the ADF. You must also meet the ADF's recruitment standards, including aptitude testing, medical and fitness requirements. To find out if you meet the requirements take our quick eligibility check:

Recruitment Process

The ADF recruitment process is designed to ensure you have the qualities we need, while helping you identify the ideal role in the Navy, Army or Air Force. To find out more on the recruitment process follow the below link:

How to Apply

To apply or to find out more about a career in the Navy, Army or Air Force call 13 19 01 or visit 

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