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When you join the team at Harris Farm Markets you join the largest and most exciting independent fresh food retailer in Australia. You'll also become integral in providing the best quality fresh food and ensuring our customers receive the friendliest and highest standard in service. But what you're really becoming part of is a team who believe in reconnecting our customers, the community and each other with the natural joys of food!

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About Us

Harris Farm Markets

Harris Farm Markets

Since 1971 when David & Cathy Harris opened their first store in Villawood, we've believed in something greater than just selling fresh food. We’ve believed in nature itself. The land, the sea, the air, the elements. It’s a remarkable thing. It brings families together, supports communities, and gives farmers a means. It offers nutrients to our bodies, and joy to our taste buds.

At Harris Farm Markets, we don’t just respect it, we’re driven by it. Our prices, our produce, our specials– all determined by nature. It enriches everyone and everything.

Which is exactly why we’re doing our best to make it all it can be. From sustainable initiatives like Imperfect Picks, to showing love for local farmers and producers, we believe that all our actions can make a real, positive difference.

And we believe that moving with nature isn’t just better for the environment. It’s better for our customers too. ‘Cos sometimes nature sees fit to provide us with a bounty of blueberries. And we think that’s pretty special – so we put them on special!

Better tasting produce from sustainable suppliers. Bigger value from unexpectedly bigger harvests. More variety from truly seasonal conditions. The highest quality which can only come from years of experience and a close relationship with farmers and their land.

For over 40 years we’ve remained 100% family owned and operated. We’re 26 (and counting) stores across Sydney and NSW and home to over 1,500 wonderful employees all with a common purpose, to reconnect Aussies with the joy of food. It’s this purpose that see’s us continue to bring the best that nature has to offer to you our customers each day. Because we stand for more than just the good food we sell.

We’re for the greater goodness.

Our Graduate Program

Harris Farm Markets

At Harris Farm Markets, we don’t just respect nature, we’re driven by it. Our prices, our produce, our specials– all determined by nature. It enriches everyone and everything. For over 40 years Harris Farm Markets has remained 100% family owned and operated.

With over 25 + stores across Sydney and NSW and growing and home to over 2,200 wonderful employees all with a common purpose, to reconnect Aussies with the joy of food. It’s this purpose that sees us continue to bring the best that nature has to offer to our customers each day. From sustainable initiatives like Imperfect Picks, to showing love for local farmers and producers through products such as our Farmer Friendly Milk, we believe that all our actions can make a real, positive difference.

We are looking to source 3 graduates into our business to kick off March 2020. Over a period of 12 months, graduates will spend time in every major area of the business, providing exposure to the operational aspects of our business.

  • Production
  • Logistics and Warehousing
  • Finance (foundations of business / HFM)
  • Marketing (campaigns)
  • Buying team
  • Retail Operations

What makes our program unique?

Learning and development - Induction, delivery of professional learning and development, and mentoring relationships with different areas of our business

Creative and dynamic work environment - You will have the opportunity to learn from teams in an environment where no two days are the same.

Learn from great leaders - You will have an extensive support network to assist you in creating a challenging and successful career and be given constant feedback to hone your skills.

What we are looking for in our Graduates:

  • Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
  • Self -Confidence
  • Strong attention to detail and organisational skills

Please e-mail your cv and covering letter to [email protected]arrisfarm.com.au

Day in the Life of Harris Farms Graduate

Harris Farm Markets


Alarm goes off, and run time starts. Nicer to get some fresh air and exercise now, than after work in the dark.
Quick shower and brekkie before hitting the road. 

Arrive at work.
Time to put on the high vis safety vest before making the short walk to the office from the carpark.
Wave hello to some forklift drivers on the way.

First task of the day – put my steel cap boots on and wander down to the warehouse.
Perform some microbial swab testing for the OJ and salad production area.
Grab a few samples of products to send off for microbe testing.

Get back to my desk.
There are a few emails from buyers asking for ingredient and label approval for potential new grocery items – if all good, they get a tick from me.

Barista time! - time to grind some coffee beans, froth my own milk, and sprinkle as much chocolate as I like on top. No judgment here – absolutely delish!!

Label creation time – we have some new products about to go to store so need to create the ingredient statements, nutrition panels and allergen declarations for their labels. University would be proud of my use of the FoodWorks program.

Lunch time! What’s on offer today – could heat up some leftovers, cook up a storm with the oven and stove, get food delivered from the market café, or even sample some products for quality testing. Today is leftovers and product testing 😊

Oh no! – been informed of a product issue by a supplier. Will need to perform a withdrawal, to ensure all affected stock is removed from store shelves.

Time to check the approved supplier database and ensure it’s as up-to-date as can be. This involves contacting suppliers to get their food safety documentation.
Quick run to the kitchen to grab some fruit for an arvo snack. 

More requests from buyers asking for product approval – this time it’s some meat products.
Conduct some research on food trends, and the production requirements of certain products; to gather information and assist the marketing, production, and buying team.

I’m outta here, after a nice, busy day in the office.



Leave for work

Arrive at Sydney Markets (HFM office)

Speak with managers about tasks that need to be done for the week and then specifically for the day – daily schedule can vary day to day
Speak about peaks and troughs of customers comparing to the previous financial year so ordering patterns can be amended

Check within the system for stock that needs to be split out and sent to stores

Physically check in the warehouse stock that needs to be split out to ensure it matches online system 

Speak with night time warehouse staff to indicate if any issues during the early shift

Call HFM butchers and ask if they need any stock ordered from wholesalers

Begin sending off Purchase Orders for butchers for next day delivery

Begin ordering product for stores via Online Program called – Buyers APP and NAV

8-10 am
Supplier meetings – can vary each day

Check with accounts team of any invoice discrepancies ensuring all prices match what suppliers have offered us and all stock ordered has arrived. Any stock that has not arrived a credit will be sent back to suppliers to pay for missing stock.

Check claims for any issues with products that have been sent to the accounts team from stores ensuring any quality or barcode issues can be claimed back to the supplier.


Finish off any ordering for stores which could not be completed in the morning

Daily meeting with supervisors about weekly margins and goals to accomplish for the business – indicating areas that need to be improved

Check the warehouse for any final splits of stock that need to be done before the following day

Ensure online systems are accurate and the rest of the team have completed their work for the day – if not help out so the workload is evenly split

Leave work – store visits on the way home if required

Arrive home

What Our Grads Have to Say?

Harris Farm Markets


“What is the coolest experience you’ve had in your Harris Farm role Program so far?”

It’s tricky to pinpoint just one experience.

Although, I’d say it’s definitely cool seeing your own work in store. Being able to collate all the necessary information and create labels from scratch; to then be displayed on products is pretty awesome. It’s also a great way to get to know Harris Farm’s product range and the nutritional qualities of the food, while also meeting important legal requirements.

It’s also pretty cool approving new products for store, especially when this involves taste testing. It also helps to keep track of upcoming food trends and innovation.

Another great insight was a one-off 4am tour of the markets that I did with the head of the fresh produce buying team. Sydney Markets is really a world of its own, and it was great to see the action-packed market in full operation.

“What skills do you believe a Harris Farm Graduate needs to be successful in the program?”

  • A passion for food
  • Adaptability – it’s a world and adventure of its own in Sydney Markets
  • Organised and conscientious – need to keep on top of tasks in this dynamic workplace
  • Friendly and team orientated


Role Description

I am currently working as an assistant buyer to the head of meat, seafood, poultry and smallgoods in the support office of Harris Farm Markets. I began my time at Harris Farm as an intern in the second half of 2018. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Food and Agribusiness and a requirement of our 3rd year is to complete a 12-week internship somewhere within the agricultural industry. I was fortunate enough to be offered a position within the grocery buying team of the company. During this time, I coordinated a drought relief campaign which closely tied in with the meat department. I also assisted with a range of other small tasks which allowed me to learn the complexities of the company by working in a range of different departments such as marketing, QA, finance and buying teams. The diversity that was offered to me really pushed me out of my comfort zone and gave me a range of knowledge and confidence that has benefited me so much in beginning my career within the food and agribusiness industry. Coming from a rural background myself, it was really interesting to do something that was still related to agriculture but from a different end of the supply chain and expanding my knowledge of the ‘paddock to plate’ concept.

The meat department were very supportive of me during this time, which made me fall in love with the company and realise the opportunities that can come from working from a family owned, rapidly expanding organisation.

At the completion of my internship, I was offered a graduate position to work part time alongside my penultimate year of university leading into a fulltime role within the company. This allowed me to begin my career whilst still undertaking tertiary education. The knowledge gained from university gave me innovate skills of which I could contribute to the meat buying team in helping to expand. Similarly, skills I learnt from working whilst studying, I was able to apply in the remainder of my studies.

“What is the coolest experience you’ve had in your Harris Farm role Program so far?”

  • During my early days I had the ability to coordinate a drought relief a campaign which raised over $16000 for drought-stricken farmers within NSW – a very rewarding experience as I felt I wasn’t just a number in the company, I was actually making a difference.
  • Coordination of a promotion for the Invictus games, I was then offered tickets to view wheelchair rugby when the games were held in Sydney in 2018.
  • Various farm visits for potential new meat suppliers around NSW, exposing me to innovative ideas whilst building a strong buyer/supplier relationship

“What skills do you believe a Harris Farm Graduate needs to be successful in the program?”

  • Hard working
  • Willingness to learn
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and diverse environment
  • Extensive Microsoft Office skills
  • Passion for food/ agricultural industry
  • Have the ability to make and maintain strong interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to ‘think on your feet’ and adapt to unexpected changes

How We Give Back

Harris Farm Markets

Find out more about how we work to give back to our community in the videos below.

Why Join Us?

Harris Farm Markets

There has never been a better time to be a Harris Farmer as we enter a period of significant innovation and growth. There will be lots of new and exciting opportunities that we want you to know about when they happen!

Below is a list of benefits currently available to all Harris Farm employees.

  • Staff and family discount card
  • Salary sacrifice options
  • Enhanced parental leave


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