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For over 20 years, Transurban has been building and operating roads that help people move around cities quickly and safely. We started with one asset – Melbourne’s CityLink – and now own and operate 22 assets across Australia and North America.

But Transurban is more than a toll road company. 

Our ideas shape cities, boost economies and redefine landscapes. We work directly with the communities where we operate, with more than nine million customers who use our roads, and with i…

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Application Process

We strive to offer an efficient and positive recruitment experience. If your motivations and skills align with what you’ve read, click here to apply today. Please contact our Graduate Recruitment Team at [email protected] if you require additional assistance with our application process. We know it takes time to tailor your applications, and we promise to respond to each individual applicant.

  1. Step 1: Apply online 

    Submit your online application. We’ll review your suitability based on the role requirements and your academic experience.

  2. Step 2: Psychometric testing

    Complete online assessments. These will examine your abilities and preferences when working with others, across changing conditions and with different types of information. Instructions and practice questions will be provided in advance.

  3. Ste…
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About Transurban

As one of the world’s largest toll road developers and operators, our business is to get people where they want to go as quickly and safely as possible. Transurban’s toll roads connect key industry, freight, employment and community centres and keep cities moving safely and efficiently. 

Our purpose is to strengthen communities through transport, and you can see this in action across all our activities, including:

  • our 24/7 traffic control room operators helping keep our roads safe
  • our transport planners forecasting likely future congestion hot spots
  • our technology experts creating better ways to manage tolling accounts
  • our community engagement teams that help reduce construction and road work impacts around our projects.

We’re here to make a difference, and we make meaningful differences in how people travel every single day.

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Why Join Us?

Working at Transurban is different: it’s a place where you can see the benefits of your work play out in real life, every day. We create city-sized solutions—building and operating safer, smarter and more sustainable roads—to solve pressing transport challenges that are slowing cities down. 

As a Transurban Graduate, you’ll experience a first-class program where your contribution matters – right from day one. You’ll be encouraged to share your ideas and utilise your expertise to create better ways of working, building, and doing. For our current and past graduates, our program highlights always include the opportunities available to work across different parts of the business, while being given the chance to make a real impact, contribute in meaningful ways and take responsibility and ownership for your decisions.

You’ll be supported by buddies and mentors and have access to senior leaders and technical specialists, all alongside a program of formal learning to strengthen your leadership skills.

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Transurban Graduate Program

Every year, we invite a number of bright, incredibly curious individuals to join our tailored graduate development program. Across our Engineering, Technology, and Corporate Finance teams, your work, skills and experience will shape futures – starting with your own.

Program Information

At Transurban we offer permanent Graduate positions that:

  • kick-start your career with an 18-month rotational program
  • consist of three varied six-month rotations 
  • is strongly supported by mentors, buddies and managers
  • Bespoke development program to enhance your skills and capabilities 

What you need

  • A Bachelor’s degree with a Credit Average
  • A desire to make a difference – to help ‘strengthen communities through transport’
  • Plenty of bright ideas
  • A curious mind and a collaborative way of working
  • Strong learning agility and the desire to grow your career
  • The ability to work autonomously, coupled with a thirst for learning from others and independently

What’s unique about a Transurban Graduate position?

We don’t do ‘one-size-fits-all’. We take a small number of graduates, understand their interests, experiences, strengths, and aspirations. We invest heavily in targeted development so we can provide you with a depth and breadth of experience that will build a great foundation for a meaningful and challenging career.

We might be influencing the future of road travel globally, but compared to other top ASX listed companies, our smaller team of around 2000 people means that it doesn’t matter what part of Transurban you join, you can expect exposure and access to our senior leadership team and leading industry experts. You’ll also find our size allows a sense of connectivity, belonging and agility that embraces switched-on, motivated people, and the diversity of their thinking and ideas. It is what gives us our competitive edge and is key to our continuous innovation.

Does this sound like what drives you?


Graduate Program

Based out of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, our two-year rotational program consists of three six-month rotations within a core discipline. For 2023, these include Engineering, Technology and Corporate Finance/Treasury (VIC only). You can expect rotations to be varied in order to provide breadth across the organisation, while maximising your opportunities to develop critical skills and a deep understanding of the business. 

Engineering graduates, you’ll rotate through areas such as Project Delivery, Asset Engineering, Operations and Maintenance or Development. You could be working on projects that supports the asset life cycle model (ALCM) for the pavements on our roads, jet fan refurbishment at the Lane Cove Tunnel, or the Burnley Tunnel lighting improvement project – making tunnel driving a safer and more engaging experience. 

Finance graduates, you’ll rotate through areas such as Corporate Finance, Treasury, Performance and Planning and Investor Relations. You could be working on projects supporting Transurban’s growth pipeline (like the recent acquisition of the WestConnex motorway) or learn more about how we showcase our business and build strong relationships with investors.

Technology graduates, you’ll rotate through areas such as Data and Analytics, Cybersecurity, Project Management, Digital, Cloud or Automation. You could be working on projects that involve using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, alongside our data, to create personalised experiences for our customers. Or work hand in hand with our Digital teams on the design and software development for Transurban’s Mobile Applications.

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Application Process

We strive to offer an efficient and positive recruitment experience. If your motivations and skills align with what you’ve read, click here to apply today. Please contact our Graduate Recruitment Team at [email protected] if you require additional assistance with our application process. We know it takes time to tailor your applications, and we promise to respond to each individual applicant.

  1. Step 1: Apply online 

    Submit your online application. We’ll review your suitability based on the role requirements and your academic experience.

  2. Step 2: Psychometric testing

    Complete online assessments. These will examine your abilities and preferences when working with others, across changing conditions and with different types of information. Instructions and practice questions will be provided in advance.

  3. Step 3: Video interview

    Participate in a one-way video assessment. You will record your answers to several set questions. This stage is designed for you to showcase your strengths, motivations and alignment to our core values.

  4. Steps 4 & 5: Presentation and Interview

    Next step is to invite you to meet with us for some interactive, practical activities. This is designed to give you a hands-on feel for typical work tasks and may involve other members of the broader Transurban team. Types of activities may include a presentation and interview. In the presentation we may look at how you interact with others to solve a business problem, your process for follow up and what reflections you had. In the interview we will ask some structured behavioural based questions aligned to the graduate role requirements. This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about the program and what it’s like to work at Transurban.

  5. Step 6: Offer and Reference checks

    By this stage, we should have a good idea of what you can bring to the role, and you’ll have an understanding of what it’s like to be involved in our Graduate Program. We will contact your nominated referees to obtain their perspectives on your strengths, past achievements and ideal working environment. If you’re successful, we’ll get in touch to offer you a place in our program. Once you say yes, we’ll carry out all the relevant background checks (Police Checks and Right to Work) and get you on board. It’s important to note that relocation to participate in the graduate program is self-funded.

  6. Step 8: Onboarding commences

    Your journey with Transurban begins before your formal start date. You’ll be introduced to the 2024 graduates, your people leader, and buddy before you commence. Through various touch points, you’ll learn more about how we operate at Transurban, how you can grow and develop your career at Transurban, and how we create road transport solutions that make us a partner of choice’. On your first day, you’ll be welcomed by your team and meet up with your manager. You’ll also get a facilities induction, so you know your way around. Then, later in your first month, you’ll get a corporate induction to Transurban, and your official graduate experience will commence.

Graduate Recruitment Process & Timeframes

Our graduates arrive ready to collaborate and complement our teams. They share their unique ideas to help us build our competitive edge, and do all this with an eye on our vision - to strengthen communities through transport.

You will have a relevant Bachelor’s degree with a Credit average – but we’re more interested in who you are than what your scores were. Life at Transurban is fast paced – bring bright ideas, a hunger to learn and a curious and flexible way of working and thinking.

We are looking for people who will collaborate with and complement our team, and share their unique ideas to build on our competitive edge as we work towards our vision of connecting communities through transport.


Streams and locations:

We are recruiting graduates across our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane offices and are seeking applications from the following streams:


  • Engineering (Civil, Mechanical, Mechatronics or Electrical) 
  • Science (Engineering Science, Computer and Software Systems)  


  • Technology (Information Technology, Business Information Systems, Computer Systems, Computer Science, Software Engineering or Software Development) or;

Corporate Finance:

  • Commerce, Finance, Accounting or Economics  

The Application Process and Key Dates: Applications open on the 19 April 2023. 

  • Step 1: Apply by midnight 7 May 2023 via this link
  • Step 2: Online psychometric testing 8-11 May 2023
  • Step 3: Video screening 12-15 May 2023
  • Step 4: Final interviews and reference checks – From 25 May 2023
  • Step 5: Offers made – from June 2023

Please note: you must be available to commence in January/February 2023

  • Our graduate programs are based in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. You must be located in/or willing to relocate to Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane and be willing to cover the costs of your travel to attend Assessment Centres and interviews.
  • You must be willing to undertake a National Police Check.

Internship Programs


We run four different internship schemes for bright students who are hungry to learn and grow with us. Some are designed to develop diverse mindsets, while others are technically focused.

Females Excelling in Engineering and Technology (FEET)

This mentoring program is offered to women studying towards an engineering or technology degree. Over 100 students have experienced life inside Transurban through the program, and many have gone onto gain employment at Transurban. 

Industry-based learning and university partnerships

We partner with several universities to offer work placements to their best and brightest students. Check in with your university to see if there is a partnership involved. 

MITI Program

Run in partnership with Monash University, the MITI Program brings teams of four students into Transurban. These multi-disciplinary teams have 12 weeks over the summer to solve a real-life business problem.

Employee Profiles

Learn about life as a TU Grad from our graduate alumni, as they share experiences from their rotations and time in the program.

Ben (Finance Graduate, 2022) shares his experience with the recruitment process and starting out in the program.

Chiu-San (Technology Graduate, 2022) shares what attracted him Transurban, his experience with the recruitment process and what has been most surprising about working at Transurban.

Katie (Engineering Graduate, 2020) explains a little about the opportunities, rotations, support and flexibility in the program.

Tiffany (Technology Graduate, 2019) shares what it’s like to transition into a permanent role at Transurban after the program.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion diversity icon

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging: We believe in equality and creating an environment where everyone feels they belong. We treat our employees, contractors, suppliers and communities with fairness, consideration and respect, regardless of their gender, cultural background, religious beliefs, sexuality or personal circumstances. To demonstrate our commitment and prioritisation of diversity in our organisation, Transurban has been recognised as one of the top 20 companies globally for gender equality and is certified as a Work 180 Endorsed Employer for Women and achieved WGEA Employer of Choice status for the past nine years. Read more about Transurban’s commitment to gender equality.

Commitment to First Nations people: We strongly encourage applications from candidates of diverse backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We ensure reasonable adjustments are made to our recruitment, onboarding, and work practices to provide the most appropriate experience. Transurban is proud to commit to our Third Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in our shared journey towards reconciliation with our First Nations Peoples. Read more about our Commitment to First Nations People.

Community and Sustainability: Our strong link to communities is visible from our sites and offices. You will tangibly see the impact you are making and know you’re part of something bigger. We are vigilant about managing and monitoring our impacts on local communities, and work with communities to create local benefits. In FY22, we committed more than $4 million toward social investment programs, reinforcing our purpose “to strengthen communities through transport”. Read more information on how we are giving back to communities.

Commitment to the Environment: Transurban has committed to net zero Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2050, which extends our existing 2030 GHG emissions reduction targets. We’re redesigning the materials and methods we use, with the goal of transforming our environmental impacts and bringing them ever closer to net zero. Read on for some examples, or view our ESG Data Summary page for more details on how we’re performing in meeting our environmental targets.

transurban group

Flexibility and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion diversity icon

At Transurban we’re all about ideas, innovation and leading the industry. Flexible and agile ways of working are just the way we do business. We know flexibility encourages a diversity of ideas and approaches and supports everyone at Transurban to be at their best, at work and at home.

By providing top-notch technology and a range of formal and informal working arrangements and different types of leave, we make sure everyone can take advantage of flexible working arrangements when they need or want to.

We want our people to bring their whole selves to work, we are building on our inclusion focus to unlock the value of our ‘difference’ in our teams – their diverse backgrounds, skills, experiences and cultures.

We have been recognised worldwide as a company committed to gender diversity. We’re serious about gender diversity and have been recognised for our commitment. Some of our many successes include half of our Executive team being female, and being recognised as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) for the last 4 years*.  We have many initiatives in place to make sure we continue to progress towards gender equality including mentoring and leadership programs, as well as our annual pay equity review.

* Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA)

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