10 Touch Points in 10 Days

Posted by Isabel Wilkinson

What You Will Get Out of Today

  • Current Graduate Landscape and Trends
  • Decision Making Process
  • 10 Touch Points
  • DIY Takeaways

Current Graduate Landscape

  • Roughly 180,000 students graduate every year from Australian universities
  • Majority of roles, and students are located in NSW or VIC, together making up 60% of the market
  • 40% of students now finish their studies mid - year
  • 18% of successful graduates will apply to more than twenty graduate programs

Shifts from 2016

  • Higher number of students finishing their degree in the middle of the year
  • Students researching companies earlier
  • Online presence is becoming increasingly important
  • Strategic partnerships with universities
  • A move from STEM to STEAM

What Makes People Apply

  • Frequency of ads
  • Amount of Choices
  • Decision making Steps

The 10 Touch Points

 1. Website 

  • Most important resource in graduate job search
  • Clear information and journey 
  • Collect Emails

2. Facebook Advertising

  • Image or video
  • Identify audience/targeting
  • Custom audiences/LAL
  • Clear call to action
  • Link to another touch point

3. Live Streaming

  • Facebook, Instagram, Periscope
  • Great for Q&A or BTS
  • Does not need to be highly produced
  • Let people know ahead of time or do a reoccurring video

4. Stories

5. Email Marketing

  • How do we get the email addresses?
  • Have a clear strategy
  • Make sure it ties into your touch point journey
  • MailChimp

6. Blogs

  • Cheap and easy to produce
  • Provides you with content that can be shared across multiple platforms/touchpoints
  • Option to link with third parties/ suppliers to sponsor content

7. AdWords/SEM

8. Chat/Messenger

  • Live Chat
  • Chat Bots
  • Messenger
  • Facebook options

9. Social Media groups

10. Net Promoter Score

DIY Takeaways

Video Content - record your own on a phone - cheap and cheerful

Blog posts - write some or get a copy writer (which is inexpensive) to do this for you

Online Chat - easy to install

NPS Surveys - cheap and easy to setup for small groups of graduates

hank you! Please send through an email or give us a call if you have any questions

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