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How to write a cover letter
Posted by Aurecon
Now on to the cover letter. Should you send one, or not? Our recruitment team agree sending a cover letter is almost always the best decision, even if the job application doesn’t ask for one. Plus, if they don’t need a cover letter, sending one will demonstrate you’re a motivated candidate. So ultimately, you can’t go wrong!

Writing your CV?
Posted by Aurecon
When you complete your application online, you will also need to upload your curriculum vitae (CV). A good CV is accurate and up to date, and gives our recruiters an insight into you, your interests, qualifications and professional interests.

How to succeed in the first year of your new graduate job
Posted by Sasha
So, you just landed your first graduate job! Whether it’s the job of your dreams or a side step while you work towards your goals – your first year lays the foundation for your career. Here are a few tips to help you succeed.

5 Steps to Write a Resume
Posted by Sasha
1 in 5 recruiters will reject a candidate before reaching the end of their resume (Source: New College of the Humanities), so in order to get the job you’re applying for, how do you write a resume?

Find out how two PwC Graduates turned a shared passion for drone technology into new career opportunities in Accounting.
Posted by PwC
Mates Fraser McTavish and Anthony Fisher met at uni while undertaking respective degrees in commerce.

See yourself as a Strategist? Find out what a career in Strategy Consulting looks like in PwC's Strategy& team
Posted by PwC
See yourself as a Strategist? Find out what a career in Strategy Consulting looks like in PwC's Strategy& team

Technology Consulting: What's it all about? And how 'tech' do you need to be?
Posted by PwC
Now you may be wondering what type of people do well here? Well it might surprise you to know that it’s less about what degree you studied, and more to do with your ability to see how ‘things’ could b

Student Programs: Do they really connect you to the 'right' career path?
Posted by PwC
Do Graduate and Vacation Programs really set you up for life after uni? A PwCer shares her experience as a vaccie and grad, and how it helped her create a meaningful career path.

3 Tips to Help Graduates Succeed in Their First Job
Posted by Rogan Sturrock
In this Facebook Live interview we spoke to Kathryn Esler, who was awarded the Nestle Logistics, Supply Chain and Operations Award at the 2016 Top100 Awards. Currently fulfilling a two year graduate role at Nestle, Kathryn shared her top tips on what graduates can do to succeed in their first job, touching on CVs, video interviews and what happens after you get the job. Kathryn’s top 3 tips for success include:

How to perform well under pressure and qualify for the best graduate jobs
Posted by Daniel Headford
Performing well under pressure is life long skill which is very important to master at the beginning of your career.



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