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What Salary Can You Expect As A Graduate?

Posted by GradConnection
Now that you've graduated from university, you’re probably wondering what kind of salary you can expect to receive in your first graduate job. Luckily, we've done some of the research for you to give a better understanding of the baselines in your industry.

Choosing The Right Graduate Program for You!

Posted by GradConnection
We’re seeing a big increase this year in the number of graduate programs available on GradConnection – that means more options for you, and an opportunity to be a little bit more selective about what YOU want from your grad program. We’ve got a couple of the common features of grad programs in this blog – how do these rank for you? What’s the most important thing you want to get from your experience?

How to Ace the Group Task in Assessment Centres

Posted by GradConnection
If you’ve just been invited to complete an Assessment Centre for the grad programs you’ve applied for, chances are you’ll have to do a group interview as a part of your day. In this blog as we offer specific tips and tricks on how to ace the infamous group task!

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Posted by GradConnection
Have you ever felt that niggling voice at the back of your mind that says, “Hang on, am I really qualified for this role? As students and fresh grads trying to establish yourselves in the workforce, imposter syndrome is common and very real. It may not be a quick or easy fix, but in this blog, we give five strategies that you can use to help you get one step closer to overcoming imposter syndrome.

Top Tips to Remain Calm In An Interview

Posted by GradConnection
Interviews, whether virtual or in-person, can be one of the most nerve-wracking parts of the graduate recruitment process. We try to make it a little less daunting by breaking it down in this article!

How to Engage with Recruiters (Plus a Free Message Template!)

Posted by GradConnection
Just attended a bunch of careers fairs and connected with some employers you’re now thinking of reaching out to? Whether it be an email or a message on social media, it can be nerve-wracking to put a line out there to someone who you’re looking to impress. We outline some of the top tips to keep in mind when following up with recruiters in this article.

What’s New For You On GradConnection – This March

Posted by GradConnection
We're always making improvements to GradConnection to keep making finding and applying for jobs easier for you. In this blog, we take a look at four of the latest website features we've released that you can use right now!

International Women’s Day 2022 - #BreakTheBias

Posted by GradConnection
This year’s theme for International Women’s Day is #BreakTheBias – and here at GradConnection, we’re celebrating by taking a look at women and careers in STEM.

How to Maximise Virtual Careers Fairs

Posted by GradConnection
We’ve already discussed how to prepare for standard careers fairs and given suggestions for different kind of questions you can ask employers if you’re stuck. But as job fairs increasingly go virtual, what are some of the things you should keep in mind to maximise your experience online? We highlight some key points to remember in this blog post.

2022 Top100 Awards Night: Students Recap

Posted by GradConnection
A recap of our 2022 Top100 Awards Night.

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