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Top Online Training Resources for Students

Posted by Lucas Leung
In the growing competitive landscape of student jobs it is important to find ways to learn new skills and improve your personal brand. In this article we explore the types of courses or initiatives you can do on the side to upskill in areas that will help you with your professional development, and consequently your career.

3 Types of Volunteering Opportunities for Students

Posted by Lucas Leung
From improving health and happiness to making a positive impact on others, to making friends and learning new skills, the benefits of volunteering keep growing. Add to that how it can help you stand out to a recruiter, and volunteering becomes a no-brainer for uni students!

The Importance Of Doing Work Experience While Studying

Posted by Lucas Leung
Work experience is a broad concept. It can mean anything from private tutoring to interning at a company. Adding these extra commitments on top of your university load might not seem that attractive to begin with, but the benefits are much greater than just your bank balance.

Top 5 Ways You Can Stand Out During The Hiring Process

Posted by Lucas Leung
Every candidate wants to stand out as the best applicant the recruiter has ever seen! In order to be the perfect person for the job, you need to convince 2 parties: yourself and the recruiting team. But how exactly do you do that? Here are 5 ways you can stand out during the hiring process.

Library of Resources For Practicing Psychometric Testing

Posted by Lucas Leung
Psychometric tests help graduate employers assess things like cognitive ability, problem-solving, general knowledge, personality traits (such as empathy, situational awareness), and are generally taken online. Whilst similar to online personality tests you have taken whilst procrastinating on an assignment, there is a lot more reasoning and science behind graduate psychometric tests and can be a good avenue to learn about who you are and how you operate!

Top Tips For Psychometric Testing Preparation

Posted by Lucas Leung
Simply put, a psychometric test is used to measure a candidate's suitability for a role based on their intellectual and personality traits. Familiarising yourself with these tests can go a long way to ensuring you ace them.

How To Prepare For Grad Assessment Centres

Posted by Lucas Leung
Assessment centres are used to evaluate the performance of candidates. You will usually be split into small groups to perform tasks, assessment exercises, and interviews. Companies will differ in the way they run an AC but the types of exercises and the structure remains relatively similar. In most assessment centres, the exercises will be designed to simulate different aspects of the work environment.

20 Of The Most Common Questions Asked In Interviews

Posted by Lucas Leung
One of the most important parts of preparing for an interview is practice. While some interviewers or companies take a unique approach, most job interviews will involve common questions that are used again and again. That's where we can help out! These types of questions are the ones that you should practice with and prepare in advance, spending the time getting comfortable with them.

The Ultimate Guide for Interview Preparation

Posted by Lucas Leung
Each application process will consist of multiple rounds of interviews, conducted in different mediums such as by phone, video, or in-person. This article will give you a complete guide and run-down on how to prepare for any kind of interview that comes your way.

EY Australia

Posted by Wesley Thorne
We’re change agents and cyber gurus. Performance improvers and problem solvers. Data scientists and growth hackers. Bot programmers and software builders. Risk managers and confidence builders. We’re nearly 300,000 global perspectives ready to welcome yours.

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