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How I landed a grad role at Deloitte
Posted by Deloitte
Meet Radhika! Since joining the Deloitte Insider program, Radhika landed a one of a kind grad role in Melbourne’s Marketing, Data & Technology team within Deloitte Digital.

Top Australian Universities on QS World University Rankings® 2021
Posted by Kat Czornij
QS have revealed this year’s World University Rankings, which reveal the top 1,000 universities from around the world- covering 80 different locations.

Graduate Recruitment Process Overview
Posted by Andrew Purchas
Understanding each step of the graduate recruitment overview is great asset when trying to secure a graduate job. With each step achieving very different things for the employer, your understanding can make sure you give them what they want and how to show your true value.

Graduate Assessment Centres
Posted by Andrew Purchas
The final step in the long graduate recruitment process. Understanding the day and what the company is looking for at each step will make sure you have the best chance of securing that full time grad role.

Graduate Video Interviews
Posted by Andrew Purchas
Video interviews can be one of the strangest parts of a graduate recruitment process but have a lot of benefits which you can leverage to progress your app.

Graduate Phone Interviews
Posted by Andrew Purchas
The purpose of a phone interview isn’t to land you the job but get you in the door. Here’s how to nail graduate phone interviews!

Graduate Psychometric Testing
Posted by Andrew Purchas
Psychometric testing is commonplace across all employers but it’s not just as simple as getting high marks. Understand how these tests are used, how to take them as well as some great free practice resources.

Applicant Tracking Systems
Posted by Andrew Purchas
Graduate employers use tools called Application Tracking Systems to process thousands of graduate applications at a time. Understanding how graduate recruiters use these will allow you to have the best chance of getting some face to face time with an actual graduate recruiter.

The ultimate cover letter guide for grads
Posted by Andrew Purchas
Cover letters can set the tone of your application and how well you are received as a potential hire. Cover letters have been flagged as a key area of where applicants fall down so we have you covered with a quick sure fire guide to set you apar

The complete clerkship and legal internship guide
Posted by Andrew Purchas
Clerkships are the strongest pre-requisite to gaining a graduate job at a top tier law firm. Learn how to get one, when clerkship’s open and what to do if you miss out.


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