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How To Stand Out As An Intern To Be Hired As A Grad

Posted by Gradconnection
When the internship season comes around, thousands of ambitious students embark on a journey to gain industry experience at great companies, hoping to convert into a graduate position the year after. Being offered a role as an intern is a huge achievement in itself, but it doesn't end there! During your internship it's incredibly important to make a great impression, for your future career and to give yourself the best chance possible of receiving a graduate offer.  This article will cover some principles you should follow as an intern as well as some extra tips on how to stand out during your time at a company.

5 Things To Look For In An Internship

Posted by Gradconnection
With the variety of different internship experiences on offer it can be difficult deciding which ones to apply for. Even though applying to every single opportunity might seem like a great way of increasing your chances of receiving an internship, it's more important to consider which opportunities will provide you the best experience. In this article, we delve into what you should be looking for in an internship.

Everything You Need To Know About Internships

Posted by Gradconnection
An internship is a short-term work experience opportunity offered by a company which provides students with exposure to the workforce. Internships are a fantastic way to transition smoothly from university to your first job, and help you develop important skills that employers value! In this article we detail the various types of internships you can apply for and explain the benefits of internship experience when applying for grad roles.

Meet the Employer: Veris

Posted by Wesley Thorne
This month we're excited to highlight Veris – a company that combines innovative technologies with some of Australia’s best surveying experience to deliver an integrated approach to the full project life cycle, from initial planning and feasibility through to construction and beyond.

Diversity, accessibility and inclusion: How to find the right employer for you

Posted by NDCO
The words diversity, accessibility and inclusion can mean many different things to different people. For graduate jobseekers with a disability, these words in a job ad can be an important clue as to whether an employer is more skilled than average at being an inclusive recruiter.

What Makes a Clerk Stand Out for Being Hired as a Grad

Posted by Lucas Leung
Being offered a role as a clerk is a huge achievement in itself, but going above and beyond during your clerkship might lead to securing a graduate position too! This article will cover some basic principles you should follow as a law clerk as well as some extra tips on how you can approach your experience. We asked students who have completed clerkships as well as recruiters at law firms to get the best insights into how to stand out.

What Are Legal Clerkships and How Do They Benefit You?

Posted by Lucas Leung
A traditional clerkship is a summer program that gives you a taste of what it's like to work in a multi-disciplinary professional services firm. The majority of law firms offer a formal program that ranges from 4-15 weeks long. Clerkship programs provide you with unlimited access to opportunities for learning, professional growth, and career advancement in the legal industry.

Top Online Training Resources for Students

Posted by Lucas Leung
In the growing competitive landscape of student jobs it is important to find ways to learn new skills and improve your personal brand. In this article we explore the types of courses or initiatives you can do on the side to upskill in areas that will help you with your professional development, and consequently your career.

3 Types of Volunteering Opportunities for Students

Posted by Lucas Leung
From improving health and happiness to making a positive impact on others, to making friends and learning new skills, the benefits of volunteering keep growing. Add to that how it can help you stand out to a recruiter, and volunteering becomes a no-brainer for uni students!

The Importance Of Doing Work Experience While Studying

Posted by Lucas Leung
Work experience is a broad concept. It can mean anything from private tutoring to interning at a company. Adding these extra commitments on top of your university load might not seem that attractive to begin with, but the benefits are much greater than just your bank balance.

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