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5 Career Advice YouTubers to Watch

Posted by GradConnection
Are you looking for something more productive than TikTok compilations to watch during your summer break? Check out these five YouTubers we’ve curated in this article to see a day in the life of a Spotify employee, what it's like to work at one of the world’s largest investment banks and top interview tips from a HR Recruiter.

Why It's OK to Change Your Mind Post-Graduation - Cram Time with GradConnection - Ep 4

Posted by GradConnection
Feeling lost in your first year out of university? In our penultimate episode of the season, we're joined by Associate Product Manager (GradConnection), Jenny Li to chat about why it's ok to switch fields in your early career - even after 5 years of law school!

How to Create a Great Professional Portfolio Website For Graduates

Posted by GradConnection
Portfolio websites are a fantastic 'one-stop-shop' for you to showcase your work to employers. In this article, we go through how you can create a portfolio site to impress – even if you’re not in a visual/media-based discipline!

Why Graduates Should Consider Working for a Start-Up

Posted by Daniel Purchas
When thinking of where to start applying for your first job out of university, structured grad programs, large corporate organisations and aiming for the big names typically come top of mind. But with start-ups fast growing, we give some reasons on why you should consider joining a start-up as a fresh grad in this article.

Advice from a Former Recruiter (PwC, NSW Government) – Cram Time with GradConnection – Episode 3

Posted by GradConnection
In our third podcast episode, former recruiter at PwC and NSW Government, Mai Ly (currently GradConnection's very own Senior Account Manager) spills the beans on everything you need to know from the recruiters perspective.

Top Australian Universities - World Rankings

Posted by Daniel Purchas
Curious about where Australian universities are ranked? We've compiled the latest lists from three world ranking systems - check them out in this article.

5 Career Advice Podcasts You Should Check Out

Posted by GradConnection
Need some light listening to help you along your morning commute? Or simply looking for some more advice to help you kick start your career journey in a convenient audio format? We’ve curated a list of five career advice podcasts you should check out in this blog.

What’s New For You On GradConnection – October 2022

Posted by GradConnection
We're always making improvements to GradConnection so we can keep making finding and applying for jobs easier for you. In this blog, take a look at some exciting website features we've recently released that you can use right now!

The Value of Volunteering for Students – Cram Time with GradConnection – Episode 2

Posted by GradConnection
In the second episode of our podcast series, Cram Time with GradConnection, we're joined by special guest, Rebecca Miller (Head of SEEK Volunteer, ANZ). Tune in to learn about how volunteering can help you strengthen your professional profile and why it's important to pursue a career you're passionate about!

Introducing Our Podcast - Cram Time with GradConnection

Posted by GradConnection
Listen to the first episode of our podcast now!


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