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Meet Your Grad Recruitment Guides!

Posted by GradConnection
With all the advice and insight our grad recruiters and recent grads have provided, we thought it would only be right if you got to know each of them a little bit better.

The Top 3 Presenting Skills All Students & Graduates Need

Posted by Transition Hub
Across the board, as professional development coaches, we are constantly asked for help across all aspects of presenting. We've identified 3 key areas that you all will find value in developing and practicing further, and these are the same skills our corporate clients ask us to work on with them every day, supporting them to bring energy, clarity, and structure to their presentations.

How to succeed in the first year of your new grad job

Posted by Gradconnection
As the beginning of a new chapter of your life starting a new graduate job can be extremely exciting and full of anticipation, but also super nerve-wracking! Your first role is setting up the foundation for your entire career - no pressure! Here are a few tips to help you nail that first year of your new job and set yourself up for a rewarding career.

A Conversation with previous finalists of the Top100 Future Leaders Awards

Posted by Gradconnection
We had a chat to our 2021 Top100 Future Leaders Awards finalists about their experience leading up to and after one of the biggest industry events of the year.

Come prepared: Our 101 guide on Airmeet for attendees

Posted by Gradconnection
We've been loving Airmeet as our virtual events platform - and we think you will love attending the events too! Airmeet offers a lot of exciting features for attendees to make your whole experience easy to use and engaging.

A career in resources. But not as you know it.

Posted by Gradconnection
What do you think of when you read the words ‘resources sector’? A mine, a gas pipeline maybe? And you’d be right – the industry extracts and delivers the essential resources that make our daily lives possible.

It's time to apply for the 2022 Top100 Future Leaders Awards!

Posted by Gradconnection
Our annual Top100 Future Leaders Awards are now open for applications! These awards are open to ALL students studying at an Australian university into 2022, and simply by applying you gain a head start in your career.

Transition Hub’s Top 5 Interview Tips

Posted by Transition Hub
Making a positive impression in your interview is more than showcasing your technical skills and achievements in your studies. Employers today are looking for people who can combine their expertise with their personal skills and engage confidently from the start. Louise Watts, co-founder and director of Transition Hub (professional coaching team), shares her top 5 tips for a winning interview!

How To Stand Out As An Intern To Be Hired As A Grad

Posted by Gradconnection
When the internship season comes around, thousands of ambitious students embark on a journey to gain industry experience at great companies, hoping to convert into a graduate position the year after. Being offered a role as an intern is a huge achievement in itself, but it doesn't end there! During your internship it's incredibly important to make a great impression, for your future career and to give yourself the best chance possible of receiving a graduate offer.  This article will cover some principles you should follow as an intern as well as some extra tips on how to stand out during your time at a company.

5 Things To Look For In An Internship

Posted by Gradconnection
With the variety of different internship experiences on offer it can be difficult deciding which ones to apply for. Even though applying to every single opportunity might seem like a great way of increasing your chances of receiving an internship, it's more important to consider which opportunities will provide you the best experience. In this article, we delve into what you should be looking for in an internship.

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