4 Ways to Make Your GradConnection Employer Profile Stand Out

Posted by Sasha

So, you’ve published your Employer Profile on GradConnection and you’re ready to connect with top university talent for your next recruitment campaign. Here’s our best practice guide to creating an employer profile that stands out… for the right-fit talent.

1. Write captivating content

When it comes to the ‘every day’ information you share on your profile, emphasise the human side of your brand. It’s easy to fall into the habit of cutting and pasting the dull corporate jargon from position descriptions and calling it a day. But millennials aren’t particularly interested in that.

They want to connect with your story, your mission, and your culture. Brand-fit is important to millennials when choosing to accept an offer, so make sure your first impressions count!

  • Lead with your why

Craft an elevator pitch that will catch their attention and entice them to dig deeper and learn more about your organisation, opportunities, and expectations. Make sure to highlight career progression, training and development, and exposure to real project work and how you’re meeting these expectations.

  • Write in a conversational tone (you, we, our)

You’ll have to ditch the stuffy corporate-speak and instead write in the first person. Instead of ‘Acme Solutions recruit recent university graduates to utilise the company’s development program and become the future leaders…’ it’s more like, ‘We hire driven grads to be our future leaders. You’ll learn…’

  • Flaunt your employer brand personality

Whether you’re conservative, quirky, or somewhere in between, your profile is a safe place to flaunt your brand culture. Love a corny dad joke? We say own it – Give potential candidates an insight into your workplace and what makes you different. Jazz up your words with photos of your office, awards nights, infographics, or even flow charts to show off your company culture. Check out this application process example from Mainfreight.



2. Use video to share grad stories and key information

You know how much we love video! And so does your student audience; they want to hear what former graduates have to say. So, record a few short videos that profile the program and career experiences of former grads, what they love about your organisation, and advice for new recruits.

You can also use short videos to explain your key employment benefits or FAQs, like, career progression, learning and development policy, application tips, organisation purpose (inspirational), and ‘virtual tours’. Videos don’t need to be expensive or scripted – Raw videos feel more genuine (hello iPhone!). But, they must be short, so aim for under a minute each.

And - ditch the gifs. They make your page load painfully slow (and grads won’t stick around to see!).

3. Embed your web and social media links

To help increase your site traffic and encourage talent to connect with your brand outside of our GradConnection platform, it’s important you embed links to your careers site and social media channels. Graduates still value career sites as their most trusted source of information.

Here’s how it looks for pwc.


4. Participate in Q&A

As entertaining as the whirlpool forums are to follow, we know how frustrating it can be putting out all those misleading fires! We recently introduced a new option that allows employers to open themselves to direct questions from our student database. The Q&A platform sits on your profile all year around, so curious talent can follow previous conversations. Q&As are a powerful tool for increasing engagement.

Check out the conversation with Coles, who first trialled it.

These are some simple tips to help you enhance your annual employer profile to connect with the curious all year around. For a free strategy session or for help with an upcoming recruitment campaign, book in a time to speak with Dan


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