5 Elements Graduates Say Make An Employer Attractive

Posted by Resh Perera


When graduates want to start their career, there are a few factors that they seek for and would like to expect from their prospective employers and position. These factors not only benefit them with improving as a professional, but they also benefit the employer through motivated and satisfied graduates. These are a few factors to keep in mind when developing a graduate program:

1. Career Progression

The opportunity for progression and the future of a graduate’s career and role is an important topic that should be discussed during recruitment as it discusses their opportunity for growth. The prospects of their role and planning of their career path while working with you shows that there is more to the position than meets the eye and that it is possible to advance with their career. It is also a great way to develop and expand a graduate’s professional experience in the workplace and gain valuable skills through their progression.

2. Quality of Training and Development

Graduates are able to put their knowledge and skills that they have learnt into training as well as acquire transferable skills. Training and development is important to a prospective employee as it builds their professional character. During training, graduates would have a certain target or goal that they must achieve and which correlates with their development Training would also Career development helps graduates with acquiring personal skills including critical thinking and management. This also relates to the progression of a career and organisation.

3. Company Culture

The culture of a company revolves around a company’s morals and values. This is important for a graduate as they would want to work with someone that shares the same values as them. The culture of an organisation correlates to their behaviour, relating to the environment of the workplace and their staff. A company’s culture influences the whole workplace and could also impact the health and well-being of both employees as well as the company and its progress.

4. Quality of Work

The quality of work and evaluation would help improve and develop an employee professionally. As an employee’s performance is measured by their work quality, it is also an employer’s job to guide and help them. Quality of work also determines an employee’s strength and weakness; a graduate would be looking for work quality to see if they are able to accomplish the work as well as improve along the way.

5. Responsibility in Role

Knowing the responsibilities in a role also determines what skills are needed. The responsibility and duties of a role is similar to quality of work in which graduates would want to have an amount of responsibility in their role to show what they are capable of as well as challenge themselves in improving. Their responsibilities could also develop skills that they were lacking in.



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