Announcing the National Virtual Careers Fair

Posted by James Wright

Zoom fatigued? I am. But it’s a fact of the new normal right?

Over the weekend I had dinner with a friend that works in HR for one of the big four banks. We were talking about work from home, Zoom meetings and whether we ever wanted to the office to reopen as it once was. I was sharing with her about GradConnection’s newest project, our Virtual Careers Fair. My friend jumped into the not-too-distant future and suggested that soon even virtual offices are going to be a thing.

In March next year, as more than 150,000 students about to graduate from University are looking to the jobs market in earnest, we are hosting the first National Virtual Careers Fair.

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It’s free for students and job seekers to attend. They only need to register once and have access to everything and everyone.

We are providing a virtual booth to Universities so they can be ‘there’ at the event and able to support their students directly. There is also an opportunity for Universities to promote their post-graduate offerings to a vast audience of dedicated learners focused on their career; quite unique.

The best things in life aren’t always free

For employers, this is a charged for event. After scouring the globe for the best possible user experience available, with both our hirers and our job seekers needs in mind, we have partnered with a Berlin based technology MeetYoo.

We’ve gone for a best-in-class solution and that doesn’t come for free.

What it does mean is that what we create will be valued and with skin the game our employers will make sure it’s a fabulous event.

So what is it exactly?

The National Virtual Careers Fair will be a 3D world where we create avatars of our hirers and allow for a truly multi-media employer brand experience. It’s the opportunity for our hirers to mix prerecorded content with real-time text and video chat seamlessly, downloadable content and the ability to collect resumes and kick off applications integrating with the GradConnection and SEEK website that gets me really excited.

We have the space for hundreds of employers to interact with thousands of potential employees over three days of 3D engagement on 5th, 9th and 12th March 2021.

Booths are available for organisations to share their story and create meaningful connections with early talent.

Our visitors will not just be those looking for a job in 2021 having recently graduated. There will also be attendees just starting out in the University career looking for internships and figuring out who their dream employer is.

With such high stakes the thought of trying to deliver all this through a Zoom style interface just wasn’t working. No offence to Zoom it works but just not for thousands of people interacting over a long period of time; the irony was that on the other side of me at the dinner was a Zoom employee!

What about University Career Services?

With Universities currently trying to decide what to deliver themselves in place the usual face to face, on campus, careers fairs in 2021 we have an open invitation. The technology we’ve invested in is available for universities to use for their own exclusive fairs; either as solo institutions or as collectives. The best part of this is that the employers who have already invested in a booth for the 3 days GradConnection is hosting nationally get to leverage that investment and use it again.

This is all delivered at a fraction of the cost of a real world event or setting up a relationship with another technology partner on their own.

What next?

Our mission with this project is to increase capacity and quality for career fair style interactions in an accessible and covid safe way.

Employers can get involved from as little as $1790 ex gst. An investment worth making to get connected to early talent.

To find out more leave your details at and we’ll be in touch.

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