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Posted by Sasha

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Take a gasp of air while you can - things are ramping up as internships and mid-year graduate intakes open up.

Before we dive head first into the second half of the year, we take a look at back at a few highlights and provide an update on what you can look forward to in the coming months.

Kicking off the year, the GradConnection team were proud to take home the award for the AAGE’s most popular supplier for the 6th year in a row. Following the awards, we were flattered to find out that we were also voted as the “most useful careers resource” by successfully hired grads (AAGE Candidate Survey) for the 7th year running.

Following the awards, we celebrated in true GradConnection style before announcing we had been acquired by Seek which you can read more about here. Rest assured, we have and will remain the same GradConnection you are all familiar with - except now with access to a plethora of resources. You can expect a range of improvements to our existing offering and in the coming months you will hear about some of the exciting projects we have underway.

We were excited to share our news, but there was no time to celebrate this time - graduate peak season was upon us. Thankfully, we made it out the other end and had the most successful peak period to date. We had huge growth across all areas which was fantastic - below are a few highlights:

Key statistics from 2019 peak season (Feb-Apr) compared to last year:

  • 2,605,898 unique page visits
  • 24.96% increase in site traffic
  • 40.6% increase in applications submitted


User Experience Updates Driving Huge Student Engagement

Over the past six months we have had a focus on UX design and website optimisation. With a range of new software, we are able to track how students interact with our site and make changes based off their behaviour.

Changes have ranged between subtle visual changes to larger structural updates, with the aim to increase efficiency and engagement. This is an ongoing process but have already seen an impressive return with a 40.6% increase in application numbers!

While we continue to experience significant growth in user registrations as well as opportunities advertised, we remain focused on providing employers with relevant applications.

There are a range of strategies we can implement in order to target your desired audience. Do you want to cast a wide net? Or do you require a more targeted approach? Have a chat with your account manager and ensure you profile is set up for success.

Going forward, site efficiency is going to be an ongoing focus and we would love to hear any ideas that would make your life easier. With the backing of Seek we are excited for the remainder of the year and look forward to sharing some more solid results after this next peak period.


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