Posted by Nikki Barnard

GradConnection sits down with Revelian about their mission and vision, their involvement in the Top100 Graduate Employer and Future Leader Awards and finds out what sets them apart from the rest.

Tell us more about Revelian’s mission and vision?

Empowering effective people decisions at work is our vision. Our mission is closely linked to this - to provide innovative, cloud-based HR tools to inform effective people decisions. One of the things I love about working here is that both are at the heart of how we approach all things – from product development, to customer service, candidate support and training and education of our own people as well as our clients.

If you could describe Revelian in three words, what would they be?

Innovative . Collaborative . Ethical

What drove you to become involved with the Top100 Graduate Employer and Future Leader Awards?

We’ve been involved in the Top 100 for a number of years now, and we keep wanting to be involved as we recognise and endorse the value of this programme in matching high calibre graduates with outstanding graduate employment opportunities. It provides mutual benefit to the graduates, employees and universities alike.

Tell us a bit more about Theme Park Hero?

Theme Park Hero is cool! Apart from the funky graphics and music, it’s a really unique way to do a psychometric assessment; totally different from the normal Q&A style.

Each candidate takes on the role of park manager, charged with keeping the park operating effectively and solving any problems that come up. During the ‘day’ (about 10 minutes of real time), they complete several tasks, including:

  • Popping specific labelled balloons for a special event
  • Planning and constructing a new water park attraction
  • Calculating the values of various token combinations
  • Fixing a broken rollercoaster

And while this might all sound like a bit of light fun, Theme Park Hero actually works in the same way as typical psychometric assessments Each task measures slightly different aptitudes, and taken as a whole, the game gives you a valid and reliable indication of each candidate’s mental agility, attention, cognitive speed, spatial aptitude and numerical processing ability.

Have a look as see for yourself:

What sets Revelian apart from the rest?

I feel like I could say a lot here, but I’ll focus on our game based assessments, which are all designed and developed by our team of psychologists and software engineers in Brisbane. As well as Theme Park Hero we now have Cognify, and our roadmap includes more game based assessments to follow.

If Revelian was an 80's John Hughes film, which would it be?

Given we’ve just passed our 16th birthday, I would have to say 16 Candles! There are other synergies too; like Molly Ringwald’s character, we’re really coming of age as a business and achieving some amazing milestones - our Cognify product has just won the Australasian Serious Games Challenge and we’re competing in the International competition in Orlando in November. And our CEO has just been awarded the AIM National Leadership Excellence Award. Oh, and we have some pretty cool tech geeks working here too (although none that look quite like Anthony Michael Hall).



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