Posted by Nikki Barnard

Launching in January 2017, the new website brings together all the vital elements that make up our GradConnection ecosystem – students, universities and employers

As the end of the year gets closer, so does the launch of our new website - GC5! To date, we’ve had four iterations of the GradConnection website and with the development of GradConnection Campus, the international student job platform, we are long overdue for the next big improvement which is set to launch at the start of 2017, perfectly timed for the busy, new recruitment season.

GC5 is bringing in some long theorised elements which are going to be of benefit to all three parts of our important ecosystem - students, universities and employers. With so much to cover, however, we are only going to take a sneak peek at the university space for now. The university community has given us so much over the last few years, we are pleased to announce that we are now able to give something back. Merging all the great ideas that you have discussed with us at events such as the Top100, industry networking, careers fairs or even at 3am in an underground wine bar.

What the universities need to know

Available to our partnered universities, GC5 has the following features in the works:

  • Your own university profiles - Take ownership of your space on GradConnection where you are able to feature your careers service and all the great things you are doing - from the various ways to help prepare students through to your own events with industry connections.
  • Re-engage with students – Connect with your students on a daily basis. We get asked for help by students for a variety of topics that we just are not equipped to deal with, from general help through to mock assessments. When students are identified as needing help through our employability processing engine, we can redirect and connect them with the right touch points on your careers centre.
  • Employment outcomes - When we identify students who may have got a job our automated processes collect where and then stop all email correspondence. If they do not respond to our online processes, we then call them and close the loop that way. All this valuable data will be available to your careers office and other university stakeholders.
  • Utilise our email database - GradConnection has 200 000 students registered in Australia and as they hunt for graduate jobs our email correspondence, which creates a daily summary, becomes of great value to them as it is full of relevant opportunities which will assist them as they begin their entry into the job market. Have employers on campus? Events? Workshops? Program these into the GradConnection database and have a specific channel to reach your students.
  • Customise our communications - With millions of emails being sent through the GradConnection platform, we can tailor exactly what your students see. Every email sent to your students, beyond events and other updates, can provide strong links back to your careers centre to help them re-engage and discover all the resources you have available to them.

Some of you will have already spoken to us and may have even helped in shaping the site, but if you want to know more and how you can take part, just get in touch: Andrew Purchas ([email protected]) Education and Employment Manager at GradConnection


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