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Graduate Managers are faced with the challenge of what their graduate development programs need to look like in this new environment. Many are confronting the challenge and see it as a great opportunity to diversify their development offering.

There is no better time than now to put a plan in place that will enable you to continue to build your graduates’ skills and competencies in order for them to be successful in the ever-changing world of work.

When it comes to Graduate Program continuity in an uncertain time consider the following:

A new learning environment

Adopt a blended learning approach.

Face-to-face development workshops are a staple of most graduate programs. In times of uncertainty it’s valuable to consider a blended approach to your graduates’ learning that includes virtual sessions.

Virtual engagement

Can virtual be as effective as face-to-face?

Absolutely! With careful design, clear learning objectives and experiences facilitators, most development can be delivered just as effectively in a virtual environment. It’s just different.

The Graduate experience

Engage your graduates with virtual learning.

With simple technologies, your graduate cohort can continue to meet, learn new skills and share their experiences. Sessions will also be shorter, which means grads spend less time away from their work.

The Graduate Manager experience

How can managers support the learning?

Identify areas where leaders and managers can provide value. Consider manager briefings, and structured post-training conversations to help grads embed their learning back into the workplace.

THE VIRTUAL ACADEMY – Empowering your emerging leaders through Covid-19

Our world has changed significantly in recent weeks and during this time we have spoken to numerous Graduate Managers regarding their Graduates’ Development. Fusion wants to help address your needs in these current unpredictable times, to help pivot and diversify your graduate development offering.

We all know the need for graduate development will continue during this period. In fact, it is now more important than ever to engage with graduates and continue to develop key workplace skills that will see graduates succeed in the ever-changing world of work.

A diversified development offering includes the use of Virtual Learning. At times virtual learning can seem somewhat confusing and distant, but Virtual Learning does not have to mean impersonal. In fact, the situation we now find ourselves in really produces a seed of opportunity for you as graduate manager and for your organisation.

Virtual Learning allows you to connect your graduates in a really cost-effective environment – one that when used correctly is highly engaging and interactive.

To keep graduates engaged in this situation we have designed The Virtual Academy

  • a 12-week customised virtual development program
  • allowing your graduates to explore a 90-minute module per week
  • modules are engaging and custom designed to bring the best out in your graduates
  • builds graduate competency, skills, self-awareness and confidence
  • delivered by our extensive team of experienced facilitators
  • includes manager information toolkits to help embed the learning back into the workplace.

We are really excited with the way the Graduate Industry has responded and pulled together to drive and deliver innovations, we look forward to the role THE VIRTUAL ACADEMY will play.

Fusion will also be hosting the next instalment of the Graduate Manager Discussions on Wednesday April 8th on the topic of Graduate Wellbeing and development and invites all managers to join the conversation in order to share and network.

To find out more about the Virtual Academy and the Graduate Manager Discussions, reach out to Learning & Development Manager - Jum Lamont at Fusion – [email protected]

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