Graduate Recruitment Season Traffic Update

Posted by Resh Perera

Graduate Recruitment Season Traffic Update

Happy February! We’re not particularly sure where January went but with the start of February comes the start of something much bigger. We’re talking about graduate recruitment season of course. In a few weeks’ time majority of Australia’s employers will open up their applications for their graduate programs. With this in mind, we thought we’d give you a quick overview of how the traffic to GradConnection is predicted to move.

GradConnection’s Peak Months

GradConnection’s traffic generally follows the graduate and internship recruitment periods throughout the year. While students’ traffic the site all year round, during graduate and internship peak periods there is an evident increase in student traffic and consequently application clicks.

Below is our traffic from last year in the peak graduate months compared to the previous year.


Over the months of February – April in 2015 we had a 37% increase in traffic compared to 2014. In March 2015 we hit the highest unique pageviews we’ve ever had, falling just short of 2 million unique pageviews over the month.

GradConnection Site Traffic Is Still Growing

So far this year our traffic is already growing at close to 10%. With an increase of 63,563 unique pageviews over the period of January to the start of February 2016. January is traditionally a slower month for us as majority of students are still on holidays and not focused on employment. So to see that our traffic is still managing to grow, is a promising sign.


We are expecting our traffic growth continue to increase and come close to the levels that we saw last year. Hopefully 2016 will be the year we make it past 2 million unique pageviews in a month!

Note: You’ll notice a visible drop in traffic on the days following Australia Day. Looks like we might have had a few tired grads!

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