How To Fill Roles Post-Peak Season

Posted by Mai Ly

Still looking to add to your recruitment numbers post peak season? Students are still looking to apply! With changing semester structures, flexible degree start/end dates and other variables, we're finding that our student users are now almost always on the hunt for new opportunities. We have some suggestions below on how to continue to hire over the next couple of months. 

1. Use existing candidate pools 

Statistics from Grad Hero Hub and AAGE have found that only 3% of all applicants are offered a graduate position. With such a large pool remaining, sourcing from past candidates and existing databases is a great way to fill any outstanding roles. This could include: 

  • Near misses for both graduate and vacationer programs 
  • Current interns – if they’re still studying, consider whether it’s feasible to turn the role into a part-time position which could translate to full-time hours when they graduate 
  • Leveraging off other colleagues and their candidate pool/near misses 

2. Engage in more targeted approaches 

When hiring for specific positions, engaging in a targeted approach and applying a lateral recruitment methodology is also highly effective. This means building close relationships and a rapport with potential candidates: 

  • Looking at student societies specific to the discipline/s you’re hiring for, e.g. reaching out to the president of the Law Society if you’re hiring for a management/leadership-based role 
  • Looking through forums, e.g. Whirlpool, where students may be looking for work 
  • Reaching out to university contacts – don’t know where to start? We can help put you in touch! 
  • Considering alternative education institutions, e.g. TAFE or specialised technical colleges 

3. Plan a dedicated marketing campaign 

This is where we come in to help! Taking the time to plan ahead and develop a strong marketing plan can help increase anticipation, awareness and ultimately applications for your role.  

  • Use specialised platforms (that’s us!) that can help reach grads as well as university career services 
  • Advertise on social media - both using your own company account and through platforms such as GradConnection 
  • Run events such as webinars, panels and Q&A sessions so students can learn more about the role 
  • Send out eDMs to directly reach and target applicants 

4. Be visible in the market all-year round 

We’re still getting plenty of site registrations in the second half of the year, so remaining visible in the market all-year round will also help you be top of mind for students when post-peak season roles pop up. Just some of the things you can do right now with your GradConnection profile are: 

  • Posting online opportunities e.g. virtual internships 
  • Adding an ‘expression of interest’ for your graduate programs or internships 
  • Making your profile more engaging with your ‘Day in the Life’/ Grad Stories/ Burning Questions section 

Read more about maximising the potential of your profile in this blog here. 


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