How to Make the Most of Your Digital Presence

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In our recent blog on how to fill roles post-peak season, we suggested developing and planning a dedicated marketing campaign to elevate your digital presence. So how exactly should you go about doing this? With the resources now available online, the possibilities to connect with and reach students – aka your potential candidates - are endless! See what our top picks are below. 

1. Impress with the Visuals 

It might seem like a no-brainer to include images in your social posts, but you want to capture the attention of potential candidates by making sure your creatives are eye-catching and optimised. This means: 

  • Creating different assets specific to each role or event you’re promoting 
    • Include key details such as Role/Event Name and Application/Event Dates – but remember, don’t go too overboard on the text 
    • Consider creating multiple variations of creatives for each opportunity (students are less likely to apply if they keep seeing the same image over and over again!). An easy way to switch it up is creating both static and animated versions of assets. 
  • Resize assets to fit each social platform – it may be tedious but makes all the difference - here's a comprehensive guide from Sprout Social 

2. Make it Personal 

As digital advertising becomes more prominent across all our social feeds, the key to capturing the attention of students & grads is with curated, personalised and relevant content. Hootsuite’s 2022 Social Trends Survey found that in order to truly capture audiences, it is now pivotal to make content that organically fits into the format of each platform. While Facebook remains the most popular platform, the time Australians spent on TikTok jumped by 40% since the beginning of 2021 with an increase of 700% in terms of perceived advertising effectiveness for marketers.  

What type of content then, can you be producing to promote your opportunities? 

  • Personable, friendly video interviews with your current/former grads/interns 
    • We love a bit of professionalism, but also remember to keep it real and genuine! 
    • This video from Lawrence & Hanson is great example that balances a professional feel with authenticity. 
  • ‘Day in the Life’ vlog style videos
  • Short-form, humour-based video content
    • We’re all guilty of having shorter attention spans these days, but reality is, it’s now what both the algorithm and the student/grad audience favours.  
    • If you’re keen on getting a little bit more creative, trend-based content in the Reel format is likely to get a lot more engagement on platforms like TikTok and Instagram. 

3. Crafting Copy 

So now you’ve got the visuals down pat, what about the words? Here are some Dos and Don’ts to ensure you have effective copy across your socials and eDMs.  

Do use devices like rhetorical questions in your headlines to pull in your audience  Don't be misleading or dishonest by using clickbait headlines 
Do be specific and address your target audience e.g. “final year accounting grads” Don't be vague and non-specific in your messaging
Do engage in a friendly, accessible tone of voice Don't copy and paste content in ‘corporate lingo’ straight from your company’s website  
Do replace gimicky words with gender neutral alternatives e.g. motivated, energisedDon't use gimmicky words e.g. superstar, dominant, competitive 

4. Keep Track of Your Efforts 

Finally, a handy tip to keep track of all your digital activity is using UTM tracking with Google Analytics. Once you set up your free Google Analytics account, it’s time to start tracking your metrics so you can see the different sources of your site traffic and if your efforts are paying off! Use this handy Campaign URL Builder on links to your campaigns to see metrics show up in Google Analytics. Here’s a guide on what we use for each of the fields as a general rule of thumb: 

  • Source: Where the campaign is coming from e.g. Facebook 
  • Medium: What the campaign is coming from e.g. Post, Video 
  • Campaign: Your unique identifier e.g. Name of Your Opportunity + the date 

This is also a nifty way to track if your traffic from third-party sites – like us! For example, a tracking link for a campaign on your profile on our site could be: 

  • Source: gradconnection 
  • Medium: campaign 
  • Campaign: techgradprogram010722 

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