Relevancy is Key - How to Optimise Your GradConnection Campaigns

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In 2021, the number of unique opportunities available on GradConnection increased by 68%, with the graduate and intern market becoming more crowded both during peak recruitment season and what used to be the ‘off peak’ months. That’s why it’s now more important than ever to try and stand out from the crowd – and that means being specific and creating more targeted campaigns to ensure you're attracting the best graduate talent! 

Relevancy is key - students will look at an advert for a graduate program and immediately think about how relevant it is to their degree. Job listings for generalist graduate programs could be dismissed by applicants if they feel the role is not applicable to them and their qualifications. Therefore, splitting out campaigns by discipline is essential, even if you are recruiting for multiple disciplines. Our statistics show that by being more specific with your targeting, you can help increase applications by more than 50%! 

Don’t worry if you only have one job set up on your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)! Even if you only have one link in your applicant tracking system portal for your generalist graduate program(s), it’s still worthwhile to create separate, discipline specific campaigns. 

A Guide to Splitting Out Your Campaigns



For Generalist Campaigns (where you recruit multiple disciplines e.g. Technology, Business etc.) you may want to have a few campaigns such as:  

2023 [Company Name] Graduate Program – Business & Commerce 

2023 [Company Name] Graduate Program – Information Technology 

2023 [Company Name] Graduate Program – Law

2023 [Company Name] Graduate Program - Mechanical Engineering 

For Discipline-Specific Campaigns (where your program is specific to a discipline but you have different roles within that) you may want to have a few campaigns such as:  

2023 Technology Graduate Program – Robotics 

2023 Technology Graduate Program – Cyber Security 

2023 Technology Graduate Program – Software Engineering 

2023 Technology Graduate Program - Data Science and Analytics 

What are you offering?

This can include general details about the grad program, such as the program length, dedicated mentors, grad buddies and learning and development opportunities. But remember to also mention how the degree/discipline you have selected in each of your individual campaigns fits into the broader graduate program.

  • What does this program offer grads of this specific discipline?
  • Do they learn about a particular aspect or function of e.g. technology?
  • Will they be able to apply certain real-world skills or work towards a specific job title?
  • What teams or leaders will they work alongside?  

What are you looking for?

What are the attributes specific to the discipline you’re looking for in grads for this stream? Are you targeting particular degrees or existing skills? 

Perks and Benefits

Put your good side on show! Let grads know why they should work at your company by highlighting perks e.g. flexible leave, free gym/subscription memberships. 

Company and Culture

Tying in with the section above, close out with a short taster of what working at your company will look like, what your company stands for and how grads can contribute to that vision.  

Still have questions or want more advice? Get in touch with your account manager! 

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