Metrics & Measurements for on campus events

Posted by Andrew Purchas

Metrics & Measurements for real world events

With application windows wide open many employers have been frantically sorting out a variety of channels to attract students such as sites like GradConnection, University Job Boards, Careers Fairs and other on campus events before they start screening potentially thousands of applications. 

With multiple channels but only limited budgets it's important to be able to measure where the applications are coming from but more importantly the hires.

Digital Platforms

With online platforms and other channels it's quite easy to get such reporting metrics back such as:

  • Page Views
  • Number of Unique Visitors
  • Application Clicks

And in GradConnection's case drill down even deeper into things like the following demographics from your application pool:

  • University Breakdown
  • Discipline Breakdown
  • Visa, Workrights and Citizenship Breakdown
  • Gender
  • Competitor Analysis (where else your application pool is applying to)
  • An individual applicant level

Careers Fairs and other real world events

Careers fairs is a bit more difficult on the other hand as unfortunately we do not have digital analytics, tracking codes and whatever else readily at our disposal and in a lot of cases we still see exhibitors recording things by pen and paper or not at all! With careers fairs attendance in decline, it's important to measure and understand your results beyond brand exposure and tie back these time intensive events to your final hires.

There are free tools out there which collect and record interested potential applicants at careers fairs which will allow to measure interest and results. By recording these interactions you can see:

  • How many students you interacted with at each uni
  • What individual students registered an interest
  • Build your own contact database for future recruitment 
  • What students were successful in the hiring process

As GradConnection has been attending careers fairs over the last 8 years now and with our focus on technoclogy we built ourselves a lightweight application called [email protected] which allows anyone to record this information and use how they see fit. On the request of some of our partner employers this has been opened up at no extra cost so if this is something that has been on your mind get in touch or set up your own free custom stand here.

Good luck with all the upcoming fairs!


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