Peak Graduate Season Closes

Posted by Resh Perera

The traditional graduate recruitment season of February through to April has come to a close. Thanks to the flexibility of online resources, we have been seeing an increasing amount of employers move out of this recruitment window. In 2015 we saw nearly a third of all employers go to market for graduates in the second half of the year and we’re expecting this to increase again this year.

We have also seen many employers who went to market in the first half of the year open applications again in the second half of the year as way to make up for any unfilled positions.

We particularly recommend going to market in the second half of the year for employers who are new to the graduate market as it is possible to gain more exposure for your graduate program. As mentioned there are less employers who open their applications in the second half of the year, allowing your brand to stand out and avoid the battle against the noise that occurs in the first half of the year.

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