The 5 most in-demand benefits to attract top graduates

Posted by Alcami Interactive

written by Jane Bianchini, Founder, Alcami Interactive & VP Video Interviewing, Criteria


Many employers are reporting no or very little change to their hiring numbers this year, meaning the market for quality graduate candidates will continue to be tight for the foreseeable future.

But what are today’s recent grads looking for?

The majority of the latest graduates, from Generation Z, have some distinct attitudes and expectations towards employment. For example, many are looking for career development opportunities, flexible work and employers with shared social and ethical values.

With this in mind, let’s explore five in-demand benefits to attract top graduates and make your employer brand stand out.

1. Learning opportunities and career development

One LinkedIn study found recent graduates care about where a job can take them. Beyond providing a means for paying bills, they’re think long-term about how their first job can be a stepping stone for the rest of their career.

Does your organisation provide opportunities for mentorship and skill-building in their field? Emphasise career training and leadership development in your recruitment process. For example, through internal apprenticeship programs, certification programs, and leadership development meetings with senior employees.

2. Diversity and inclusion

The majority of today’s graduates value diversity as a crucial factor in their decision to work in an organisation.

Offering Equal Opportunity, Indigenous, and Neurodiversity programs is an excellent way to showcase your commitment to diversity and inclusion. Reduce implicit communication biases in your recruitment advertisements through tools such as Gender Decoder or Microsoft’s new AI tools. You can also use recruitment technology, such as video interviewing tools to mask candidates’ names, voice and other identifying features to reduce bias.

Harnessing DE&I recruitment tech features is a great way to increase diversity in your organisation and the overall size of your graduate talent pool.

3. A commitment to work-life balance

Work-life balance topped the list of desired benefits in this LinkedIn survey, with 56% of grads in this stating they value and prioritise personal and career-life balance when considering potential employers.

It’s been an ongoing topic of discussion, particularly as many remote workers struggle to find work-life balance. Many new grads anticipate these challenges, in addition to the pressure of transitioning from school to the workforce.

Demonstrating a commitment to work-life balance through PTO policies, flexible scheduling, and mental health and wellness services will give your organisation a strong chance of standing out to new graduates.

4. Healthy workplace culture

Company culture is another top priority for many new graduates. More than a decorative office and a break room with snacks, they are ultimately seeking employers with healthy workplace cultures to support them in their long-term careers.

As a future-focused demographic, Generation Z look for environments that actively promote growth. They’re motivated by healthy workplace cultures that focus on support, learning and development, flexibility, and reward to recognise people for their hard work.

5. A strong overall benefits package

In addition to competitive compensation, new graduates are looking for benefit packages in line with their personal and career circumstances. For example, does your organisation offer student loan repayment, flexible work schedules, relaxed dress codes, and ongoing opportunities for professional development? These benefits are ideal for new grads transitioning out of school.

Employers taking the time to provide benefits in line with Gen Z’s needs will go a long way in attracting top graduate talent.

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