The components of a fantastic job ad

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In our previous blog we talked about our top 5 tips for creating a tailored job ad to attract graduates, but what about the finer details? Below we break down all the components you should include in a fantastic job ad - including some bonus Dos and Don’ts! 


Job Title 

The most crucial component of the ad.   

  • Make it clear, eye-catching and easily searchable  
  • e.g. [Company Name] [Year] [Type of Program] - [Stream]   
    “GradConnection 2022 Graduate Program – Technology" 


About the Role 

Give a clear-cut summary of what the role entails.   

  • What is the function of this role in relation to the rest of the company?
  • Who will the graduate be reporting to?
  • Cover off key basic questions including Salary and Job Location
  • Be specific about the different streams you are offering for internships and graduate roles – create separate job ads so you can be super targeted with your copy and audience
  • Cover the main drivers graduates are seeking:  
    • Training and Development: your structured graduate training programs, rotations or assisted further study/accreditations
    • Careers Progression: where might they be placed after the formal graduate program? What room for growth is there beyond entry-level positions?
    • Meaningful Work: how will graduates contribute to the company? 



Bullet points are your friend - pick four or five key duties to highlight.   

  • What daily tasks and expectations will the candidate have?  


About the Company 

Candidates want to know your company's story! No need to go on a historical deep dive, but consider:  

  • Key company achievements and awards
  • A concise summary of your company’s function
  • Is your company local, national or international?
  • How many people work for your company? 



Now, more than ever, students and graduates are prioritising shared values with the company they choose to work at.  

  • What are your Diversity and Inclusion policy and initiatives?
  • What type of person thrives at your company?
  • Why do people enjoy working at your company over your key competitors?
  • What sort of work/life balance is there?
  • How does the company value entry-level employees and graduates?  



The hiring process goes two ways – you are trying to win candidates over as much as they are trying to impress you as a recruiter. Personalise your benefits to the specific target discipline:   

  • Assisted accreditation e.g. CA Accreditations for Accounting students
  • Diverse development opportunities e.g. Pro Bono volunteering for Law students
  • Mentoring opportunities e.g. in a one-on-one or group format? With experienced experts or fellow peers in their early careers?
  • Growth after program completion e.g. offer of a permanent position  


Desired Skills and Attributes 

For internship and graduate programs, it’s not necessary to include desired skills and experience - majority of learning should be done on the job.  

  • For entry-level positions – only include absolutely necessary key skills
  • Be cautious about including desired candidate attributes – graduates can be easily put off if they feel they do not match certain characteristics 

Additional ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ 

Don’t group roles with multiple streams together in one campaign 
Do be super targeted and create different job ads for each stream 
Don’t use gimmicky words like - superstar, competitive, dominant, driven 
Do replace them with gender neutral alternatives like - motivated, energised  
Don’t just copy and paste corporate speak from your company description 
Do offer a tailored and attractive image for students and graduates 
Don’t provide long-winded descriptions of the role 
Do think about summarising the role in three key points at the beginning your job ad 


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