The Top100 Future Leaders Application Process

Posted by Andrew Purchas

How do we find the Top 100 Future Leaders? Our Application Process.


Narrowed down from thousands of applications right across the country the Top100 Most employable penultimate year students have been identified and will be descending on Sydney to represent their universities.

With one of the main objectives was providing a way to expose these students to a complete graduate recruitment process we needed to team up with some of the industries best to replicate an accurate scenario which has been managed beginning to end by Fusion Graduate Consultancy.

Overall Process  - Fusion Graduate Consultancy


Fusion Graduate Consultancy have been running the whole process from beginning to end - not just because they work with some of Australia’s leading brands, but because they are graduate recruiters themselves and are deeply passionate about emerging entry level talent. We could not have done this without Fusion and the team and can now understand the myriad of positive reviews we hear about them.

Online Application - GradApp 


With thousands of applications being submitted by GradConnection’s user base we opted to use a purpose built, lightweight ATS system which has been designed specifically for the graduate market and used by many of our clients specifically for their campus recruitment.


Psychometric Testing - Revelian


Potentially one of the most daunting parts of any application process , Revelian who work with many of the leading graduate employers in Australia provided an entire spread of tests to make sure the Future Leaders competition was a close to an actual recruitment process as possible. 

One "bleeding edge" new psychometric testing product we used is Theme Park Hero where every applicant played four games set in an amusement park. It works in just the same way as a reguglar psychometric test but is more enjoyable and engaging for the candidate.


Video Interviewing - Vieple


With an increasing trend moving towards video interviewing to work in with a more efficient turn around, smaller teams and more “efficient” budgeting requirements - Vieple have included their  interview software to help complete the process. Vieple was a logical choice for the awards as they cater for small employers up to some of the largest organisations in Australia which was  a good fit with the companies who use GradConnection.

We created a set of questions for each award that were loaded into Vieple. An applicant then would have the opportunity to answer these questions while being recorded using the Vieple software and their webcam/mobile or tablet. The judges were then able to watch their pre-recorded answers at a time of their choosing.



Assessment Centre - University of Technology Sydney


As with any application process - the final step is the 1 on 1 interviews and the group assessment centres. The University of Technology Sydney has provided the space and resources to host students from ALL universities across Australia as well as the employers who will be making the final decisions on the winners of the future leaders categories.

To find out more about the awards check out the awards page here but we must say - now that we have had a glimpse in to the whole process outside of attraction we well and truly appreciate how much work you all do every day!



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