Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs an Internship Program

Posted by Isabel Wilkinson

Considering whether you should hire an intern this Summer?

Internship programs provide great value to both your organisation and the students you employ – just ask some of the top intern employers. But, in case you’re still not convinced the outcome is worth the time invested, I’ve put together my top 5 reasons why your business will benefit from interns.

  1. You’re Screening for Potential Future Employees
    Your internship program is your organisation’s best recruiting tool. Engaging with interns allows both you and your intern to get a feel for the working relationship. You can assess their values fit, initiative, drive, and potential for future employment with your team.

  2. You’re Building Your Employer Brand
    Your internship program should be the ultimate work experience. It’s your time to shine. To share your organisational culture, your team, and working environment. To demonstrate your innovation, flexible work practices, and emphasis on personal and professional development. Internships are a snapshot into your inner workings – and they lay the foundations for an enviable employer brand amongst talented millennials and Gen Z.

  3. You’re Accessing Up-to-Date Knowledge and Skills
    Universities teach the most current technologies, systems, and tools. Introducing an intern into your organisation grants you access to up-to-date knowledge and research. Your intern comes naturally equipped with technical savvy and creative problem-solving skills, so you can expect a fresh approach and innovations in your workplace.

  4. Fresh Energy to Drive Projects
    Most interns require professional work experience as a component of their degree. Some universities require their students to complete a specific workplace project to demonstrate their course learnings and application in the workplace. Interns can breathe fresh life into stagnant projects providing mutual benefit to both parties.

  5. You Have First Dibs on Top Talent
    There are many valuable tools to help you shortlist your ideal intern, ensuring you can hire top graduate talent while they’re still only in penultimate year. Establishing strong, positive relationships with your interns will grant you early access to top talent before the crazy graduate recruitment season even begins.

The Interns Benefit, Too!

Internships are a mutually beneficial arrangement between the intern and employer. Internships give students an ‘edge’ at graduate recruitment time, by providing:

  • real world experience to apply their knowledge
  • relevant work experience and ‘job readiness’
  • developed skillset in their niche or defined area of interest in a broad field of study
  • access to professional networks and enhanced employability.

Where to Start

Convinced your business needs an internship program?

Start by getting in touch with your local university’s career services team and find out about their processes and employer requirements. They’ll talk you through the formalities and your obligations as an intern employer. Make sure you also check out Fair Work Australia to get an understanding of the laws and rules around paid and unpaid opportunities.

If you’ve enjoyed learning about the benefits, stay tuned. In the coming weeks, I’ll walk you through how to start an internship program from scratch! I’ll cover off all the basics so you can start building your grad talent pipeline with ease.



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