What You Must Understand About Your Employer Brand

Posted by Daniel Headford

Are you presenting an appealing employer brand for your millennial applicants?

Millennial graduates are a tough nut to attract – they have specific expectations of their employer, job opportunity, and work environment. They won’t shy away from hours of research to find their match. 

So, how is your organisation presented online? Are you sharing an appealing employer story? What is the world saying about you?

What does your online brand say about you?

Traditionally, your company image was controlled internally by your corporate marketing team. Your employer brand was driven and shaped by the experiences of your employees, contractors, and other stakeholders. They were separate.

These days, things are starting to look different. 

We’re operating in an online world with access to information at the click of a button. We’re also seeing a growing obsession with providing feedback and online reviews of business products and services. 

It means your consumer brand and company brand are influencing your employer brand. 

Here’s what you need to consider:

Your consumer brand

Millennials are attracted to employer brands they admire as consumers. While this may be good for some (hats off to you, Google), not everyone can rely on their consumer reputation. For example, regardless of your size and reach, candidates might have never heard of you, so you’ll need to do some work on education.

The flip side is – you might have an above award salary package and ‘work perks’, but your product or customer service stinks. Even if you’re hiring software engineers to work ‘behind the scenes’ – if you have a poor consumer brand, millennials won’t want to work for you.

Online reviews

Millennials will turn to Glassdoor and Whirlpool to get insights on what it’s like to work for you; team culture, leadership support, development and progression. But, they’ll also check out Facebook reviews of your products and services; Google reviews of your business. 

If you’re a smaller company yet to build a reliable reputation, you must find other ways to communicate your value.

Do Your Research

Around 80% of candidates will research your company online before they apply for your role – so, make sure you know what they’re going to find! Do your own company search and see what comes up.

Millennials want to connect with the soul of your company. Your purpose, missions, values. They want to know how you treat your customers; the quality of your service and products; who the people are behind the brand.

They want to work for an employer whose culture and values align with their own. After all, we spend about one third of our lives at work – you want to make sure you like the place!



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