How to Find Graduate Programs to Apply to in Australia

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Here are some tips and factors to consider as you begin searching for Graduate Programs in Australia. Finding the right graduate program can be a challenging and overwhelming process. A simple search for a graduate program in Australia can lead you down a rabbit hole of weblinks and conflicting information. 

What do you want to get out of a graduate program?

Before you begin your search, consider what you wish to get out of a graduate program. Does it coincide with your future career goals? What type of program is pursuant of those goals? Research the discipline that you are interested in, and make a shortlist of companies and institutions that are seeking applicants. This will help you refine and narrow down your search. 

Online Resources

GradConnection is an extremely useful tool for finding graduate jobs and programs. It features listings from key players in a range of industries, and allows you to refine your search by discipline, location and working rights’ status. GradConnection also promotes inclusivity by allowing users to filter their searches by equity factors, including diversity and inclusion, cultural diversity, disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, LGBTIQ+ and Gender Equity. It is the one-stop shop for all things graduate programs. 

Careers Fairs

Universities will often have Careers Fairs or a designated Careers Week in the beginning of the year which are attended by representatives from different workplaces. These events are excellent to find out about graduate programs, discover potential new employers and establish industry contacts. Final year students and recent graduates learn much about making their applications stand out from attending such events. 

Government Websites

Various government departments have information about upcoming openings in their graduate programs under the Careers section of their websites. If you have a particular area of interest, the department website will provide you with all the necessary information pertaining to the recruitment process. If you are undecided, the APS Jobs Graduate Portal provides information on all agency graduate programs. 

Industry Websites

Major corporate firms often have a dedicated webpage for their graduate programs. If you are in your last year of study or a recent graduate, and have career aspirations to work in a particular firm, it is always worthwhile consulting their websites. If you are still completing your degree but are interested in some industry experience, at times there are internship or vacation program opportunities available as well. 

Speak to people you know

Consult your university lecturers and professors. As experts in their field of study, they have first hand knowledge and experience that can assist you in finding a graduate program. Similarly, speak to older friends, relatives or university alumni. They can prepare you for what to expect and provide useful tips from their own experiences with the application process.

Join university clubs and societies

Universities often have dedicated clubs for particular disciplines. These clubs often run career related events throughout the year, including holding information sessions and inviting guest speakers. These are useful opportunities for learning about the key graduate programs in your discipline, and allow for networking opportunities with other people in your field.
Participate in a mentorship program

Clubs and societies at universities often run mentorship programs, particularly for members of an equity-based group. A mentorship program is an effective way to receive information from someone within your chosen discipline about graduate programs. You can also gain valuable tips on what employers are looking for which can help further your application. 


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