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Readygrad Group Sessions explained

Readygrad have been successfully delivering simulated group sessions to students in major cities around Australia throughout this year. We thought it was about time we explained exactly what our group sessions involve.

The concept of delivering group sessions to university students is to closely simulate the assessment process that many employers in Australia follow with two objectives:

  • To de-mystify the recruitment process for candidates
  • To provide individual feedback on performance



"Just wanted to thank the readygrad team for the amazing help, I have since been offered a graduate role at IBM!"    -Greg, Melbourne

What is a group session?


What you will experience in a Readygrad group session.

Before the group session, you will:

  • Complete a mock online application* 
  • Complete a psychometric test* (cognitive abilities & personality questionnaire)

(*These elements are part of the ‘group session’ only and do not form part of the ‘group session express’.)

At the group session, you will experience:

  • A graduate recruitment process overview – hints and tips

An Assessment Centre including:

  • A pairs activity (experiential)
  • A group activity (experiential) 
  • An individual case study presentation activity (experiential) 
  • A behavioural interview activity

After the group session, you will receive:

  • A personal performance summary report
  • An opportunity for follow up premium 1-to-1 coaching service

"I am definitely more prepared for assessment centres! Im excited.. Thanks Readygrad" – Sumita, Sydney

According to the AAGE 2012 Employer Survey, companies receive on average 800 applications for graduates programs. How are you going to stand out from the crowd?

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