Shampoo, Shavers and a Procter & Gamble Graduate

Posted by Resh Perera

Shampoo, Shavers and a Procter & Gamble Graduate

GradConnection Account Manager Resh will be starting with P&G in the New Year. This is the story of his internship experience and why it stood out.


Since beginning my university career I’ve participated in a number of internship programs and from my experiences I have come to identify certain factors that contribute to a successful program. After completing an internship at Procter & Gamble in the summer of 2012 I can definitely say that they have the winning recipe for success.

I’m not trying to say the other programs I have undertaken have been bad, far from it. I just believe that there were elements of the P&G program that were more memorable than others. So besides being surrounded by Gillette razors, a man’s best friend, what exactly made it stand out?

Without revealing any trade secrets (I don’t particularly fancy losing a job I haven’t started yet) there was a strong emphasis on the following three areas:

1. Learning & Development

P&G offered the ability to continuously learn and grow both professionally and personally. The methods of learning were varied, ranging from induction workshops to one on one sessions with senior employees. I left the office each day brimming with new skills, knowledge and a feeling of allegiance to the goals and purpose of P&G. Don’t mistake this for brainwashing, the training I received left me genuinely invested in the mission of the company and I believe this is a necessary foundation required for any new hire.

2. Responsibility

Responsibility is what turns interns into employees. As an intern you tend to feel like a bit of an outsider who flits around the office without any real purpose. Give that intern real responsibility, purpose and demonstrate the importance of their work and that intern becomes a valued contributing team member.

3. Growth Opportunities

One of the biggest motivating factors for an intern is to see not only what is in store for them as a graduate but also where a potential career within the organisation might lead. The prospect of being in your manager’s shoes one day breeds a long term motivation which leaves you itching to get back into the office long after your internship has finished.

These factors may not seem different to most other internship and graduate roles on offer but it is the delivery that sets them apart. If they’re executed well your interns and grads won’t be able to stop themselves from telling everyone they meet of their incredible experience. If you thought constantly hearing about your friend’s new boyfriend was bad, wait til you meet a happy intern!


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