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Posted by David Jenkins

SkillConnection - Apprentices and Trainees

Finally a site for Apprentices and Trainees!

Over the past year you may have heard about developments with a new site designed for Apprentices and Trainees that we’ve created called SkillConnection.

After a long time of development, trail campaigns to learn how users were searching, and working with a few key employers to understand how their apprenticeships and traineeships work, we’re finally ready to start actively getting new employers on the site and build more opportunities for the traffic.

Why'd we build it? 

To give some background as to why we built the site in the first place we have two key reasons:

  • The first is thanks to a few of our GradConnection clients bringing to our attention that there should be a site like GradConnection made for the apprentice and trainee space that they can use to promote their programs. 
  • The second is that after some research we found that a lot of high school leavers do have trouble trying to pin point where and how they can even find apprenticeship opportunities. Graduates are quite lucky, as in general it is a lot easier for them to find out about graduate programs with organisations as the information is out there and much easier to find. For high school leavers it’s hard to even find a list of apprenticeships or traineeships run by employers.

For these reasons we’re very excited that the site’s ready, trail campaigns have gone well, traffics building, and that we’re entering a new space.

One major thing we have learnt is the traffic is there and keen to find a site similar to GradConnection to gain employment. We’re already capturing search terms like: mining apprenticeships, Brisbane apprenticeships, and traineeships Sydney. And with only 13 employers currently on the site users are spending over 5 minutes on average, and looking at over 10 pages.

A very small example of some of the search terms we're getting

Apprentice and Trainee Key Terms

All of the stats line up, we know the users are there and looking for a site like this, from here we need to give them more employers to view and apply to.

If you look after an apprentice program or a traineeship program and would like to get involved let us know and because you’re a GradConnection client we’ll make sure you get an unbeatable deal to take advantage of this traffic!

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