Straight Into the Entry-Level | Cram Time with GradConnection - Ep 11

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What happens when your first job is not what you expected? How do you find a role that's a good fit for you personally and professionally? In the penultimate episode of the season, Asaf Ben-Or (National Business Development Manager) spills the tea on all the thoughts you'll probably have on your first job. Am I really allowed to take leave? Is the 9-5 routine all there really is to life? Plus, we chat about how authenticity plays a part in sales and what it's like to work in a client-facing role. 


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01:34 Actuarial in the actual world - not what I expected? 

03:18 Graduating without a full-time job lined up 

06:40 Who knows what they want to do at 18!?

07:19 What do you do when the shoe doesn't fit?

10:01 Life is stranger than fiction - being offered a job on the spot

14:00 More than just a stat - why a flexible recruiting process is a good thing

15:45 Thriving both personally and professionally - why a job in sales was the right fit

17:21 Authenticity & Sales? - a day in the life of a Business Development Manager

22:30 When you thought you were an introvert, but Myers Briggs disagrees  (Top 3 skills someone working in Business Development should have)

26:35 Apply now for Summer Internships! (Quick Picks)

27:05 Don't suffer in silence - how can you best transition from uni into full-time work

30:48 Sometimes it's lonely…but people are just a message away! (How to connect with your team when you work remotely)

33:33 Am I allowed…to take leave? Taking extended leave in your first year on the job and why you shouldn't feel guilty about it!

38:57 How to get over post-holiday blues

43:01 Bali, Europe, Middle East, Japan - careers journeys from all walks of life

45:38 A very indecisive game of This(ish) or That(ish)

50:21 Not a single source of truth - the importance of getting advice from a diverse range of sources

52:20 Get involved in student societies (before it's too late!)

54:36 A grad job = a coming of age film? (Plugs and other Concluding Thoughts)


Asaf Ben-Or

National Business Development Manager @ GradConnection

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