What Salary Can You Expect As A Graduate?

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2022 Average Starting Salary and Graduate Intakes in Some of the Major Industries*: 

IndustryAverage Starting Salary for 2022 Graduate Increase/Decrease Compared to 2021 Salary Average Expected Graduates for 2022 Intake 
Accounting and Professional Services $54,718- 8.1%393
Australian Government $65,573+ 1.5% 139
Banking, Financial Services or Insurance $75,500+ 0.7% 84 
Engineering $70,409+ 5.7% 87 
IT Consulting, Hardware or Software $69,540+ 3.7% 54 
Roads and Transport$66,060- 0.2%23 
State Government $65,267- 0.3% 58 
Utilities and Water $82,040+ 8.7% 15 

*all data from the 2022 AAGE Employer Survey Summary Report 

For the most part, graduate positions in the same industries tend to hover around a similar salary range, with $68,000+ being the overall average starting graduate salary. The same survey also found that graduate salaries are most likely to be reviewed annually, either at the end of their first year or in line with the company remuneration cycle. 

If you want a more specific guideline, here are some useful resources to help you find the answers you need: 


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