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The GEO Group Australia is the country’s leading provider of outsourced correctional services. More than 3,300 prisoners are managed safely and securely at our correctional facilities.

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Company overview

Our Organisation in Australia

About The GEO Group Australia

The GEO Group Australia is the country’s leading provider of outsourced correctional services. More than 3,300 prisoners are managed safely and securely at our correctional facilities. We distinguish ourselves from others by using modern and innovative programs to help rehabilitate our prisoners. Our goal is to be the best provider of correctional services, and in doing so, help create safer communities. As an organisation we bring about lasting positive change in the lives of prisoners through our Continuum of Care model which directly addresses the underlying causes of their offending behaviours and subsequently ensures prisoners successfully re-integrate into the community. 

Our Student Offering

GEO encourages tertiary students from a variety of backgrounds to apply for roles in our Correctional Centres. We are always seeking talented and qualified individuals, who are committed to our values and wish to kick their careers off to a great start. We are committed to helping students through education, training and mentoring support. We help graduate and post-graduate students realise their dreams through our diverse opportunities. While we encourage students to apply for roles in all our Correctional Centres across QLD, NSW and VIC, we feel the opportunities at our new Ravenhall Prison, in western Melbourne will be a great fit for students aiming to graduate in 2017. With construction scheduled to complete in 2017, Ravenhall will be Victoria’s largest prison, offering progressive and innovative programs to prisoners and a wide variety of career opportunities.

Ravenhall Prison will be absolutely unique, and you will have the opportunity of being involved in a truly new model of rehabilitation, in a project of international significance.  

Working with us

Why work with us?

Our commitment to providing opportunities for professional development and training to all of our team ensures we have the capabilities to meet your current and future needs. Joining GEO, gives you the chance to make a difference in your community, whilst also advancing your professional career. GEO provides a safe working environment as well as unique opportunities, exposing you to stimulating and diverse work, while also making real social change. Every day that you’re a part of our team, you will challenge yourself and build on your strengths to bolster your skills and knowledge. GEO ensures that you are confident, prepared, and ready for any situation you encounter, whilst setting a foundation for career development and progression.

What is it like to work with GEO?

Joining the GEO team means that you become part of a committed and passionate team that strives to create a safer community through making a difference in prisoners’ lives. At GEO we have a diverse team of professionals across a number of disciplines including, but not limited to, operations, rehabilitation, support services, and health services.

The Challenges

Working for a company that provides correctional services can have its challenges, including working with prisoners with challenging behaviours and mental health issues. Each day is different, making for a stimulating work environment. You will be given the chance to develop your quick thinking, flexibility and adaptability skills. Innovation is encouraged and supported.

The Rewards

GEO offers an extraordinary opportunity to embark on a varied career path that provides personal and professional satisfaction through making a positive impact on the community

Whether you are graduating for the first time, or have extensive work experience, we provide the opportunities to help you grow. At GEO, you will make a real difference and achieve lasting benefit in many individuals’ lives.

Find a Program that best suits you:

Each program is unique, so consider which one is most suited to your skills, career aspirations and your training and development expectations. 


Law Program

We are looking for individuals studying law, focused on criminology, who have a passion for their profession and want to make a difference. GEO draws from broad field experiences and academic expertise to create an invaluable learning opportunity. Our goal is that this program will greatly enhance your experience in law, culture, and criminology. 

Your role will include working with a diverse and dynamic team. You will be getting hands on experience working with prisoners and professionals while furthering your skills and education. You will use your academic knowledge and draw upon real life situations. This program will help foster an interest in criminology and work within the correctional arena.




Their Experiences

Natasha, Allied Health Services Program

“I was first attracted to the role of a corrections officer because I thought it would give me the chance to help people and give back to the community. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I’ve seen correctional officers on TV and it looked like a job that never has a dull moment. What I got out of this job was the rewarding work of working directly with prisoners and the opportunity to encourage them to implement strategies to prevent further offending. Of course with this job it can be quite challenging working with prisoners, but the difficulties are worth the feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day. This job is a unique position that will give you the excitement and spontaneity of never knowing what each day will bring and that’s perfect for me.” 

Details on how to apply

What we look for

Graduate and post graduate students graduating in Victoria in 2016 and 2017 who are seeking employment opportunities at Ravenhall Prison, located in Melbourne’s West. We prefer students to have a degree relating to health, law, or arts and humanities, but general graduates are encouraged to apply due to the wide variety of roles available. We strongly encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. 


Graduates with the following skills and qualities:

  • Relevant educational requirements
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Passionate about making a difference


We recruit graduates from all disciplines, but we particularly welcome graduates of:

  • Health Related Degrees (e.g. Psychology, counselling, and social workers)
  • Law Degrees (particularly in Criminology or Policing or Justice)
  • Arts and Humanities

How to apply

Visit our website to go through our online application process.


  • A minimum of a three year Australian University degree
  • Australian citizenship or right to work in Australia
  • Ability to successfully pass criminal history and probation checks.

Position Locations:

  • Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre, near Brisbane Queensland
  • Parklea Correctional Centre, Sydney NSW
  • Junee Correctional Centre, near Wagga Wagga NSW
  • Fulham Correctional Centre, near Sale Victoria
  • Ravenhall Prison,  Melbourne
  • Head Office, Sydney CBD

Further Information

Please visit our website, or join our community here:



Diversity and Inclusion diversity icon

GEO strongly encourages applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. GEO is committed to workplace diversity, and proud of the work our ATSI staff undertake with our prisoners. All GEO prisons have strong links to local aboriginal communities, and visits from local elders are a significant part of a prisoner’s rehabilitation journey. GEO offers many opportunities for ATSI employees to act as positive role models to prisoners, specifically in roles such as Cultural Advisor, Faith and Cultural Coordinator, Social Worker and Counsellor.

As part of a prisoner’s rehabilitation journey, we encourage them to develop strong cultural links to their heritage. This includes regular events such as NAIDOC week, which is a highlight of GEO’s cultural calendar, and expressions of individuality through traditional painting or handcrafts. If you have an ATSI background, and are passionate about your heritage and helping others to discover their, we want to hear from you. Working with GEO will be a rewarding and empowering experience.


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