How to best use GradConnection as an Employer for your 2016 intake

Posted by David Jenkins

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Refresh your content before the end of January

Traffic will begin to pick up quite heavily after Australia day on the 26th of January. This is always a catalyst to be the beginning of traffic levels rising and continuing to rise until the peak traffic time in March. Having content ready and applications open in February will increase the amount of traffic you get from us by a large percentage.

Have specific content for different graduates, for example IT graduate profiles on your GradConnection IT profile

Having specific content on your different programs can make a huge difference in your click-through rate. Using IT as an example IT grads will often want to see what technology they'll be working on etc. Going into more detail for specific disciplines can also help, showing the difference between working as a consultant in IT vs being a Programmer can ensure you are covering both possible career paths. We'll be able to provide you the relevant traffic, however making sure your content is relevant and profiles your organisation in the best possible way for each discipline you target can make all the difference.

Provide a calendar of all your events (preferably nationally) (Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum Employers)

If we get all of your events with the below target information:

  • University
  • Degree/s
  • Year of study
  • Location of event
  • Link to register (if this exists)

We'll be able to feed this into our alerts system and promote each event only to the relevant students at each campus. You can view our events calendar here.

Custom Emails (Platinum Employers)

Custom emails work best for employers who would like to promote to targeted disciplines and for events that are outside of your open and close dates (as our automated alerts system will do this for you). A good example may be to promote opportunities to women in industry and why woman may want to consider working for your organisation.

Front Page Opportunities in Peak Periods

Our front page is the first page that students visit and the busiest page on the site. Being on there during peak times means that you can get in front of students first. A front page presence can increase your traffic from us by as much as 20%. If you've booked a branded banner think about what would be best to promote on our busiest page.

Platinum Banner and/or Gold Plus Tile

For your premium position that's industry specific you have the opportunity to appeal first to a specific set of students relevant to the industry of sponsorship. For the Platinum Banner or the Gold Plus Tile in a industry make sure you make it relevant to the students that will see it. For example view the IT Platinum banner here.

Use our Social Media Channels

We'll be doing this on your behalf through applications being open. However if you have some specific pieces of information you want us to post on our Facebook and Twitter pages send them through and we'll make sure they go out. You can write and link to whatever you like provided it's relevant to students and graduates.

Add Diversity Profiles

Diversity profiles give you the opportunity to speak specifically to students who identify as LGBTI, having a disability, are Aboriginal and/or are Torres Strait Islander, or are women in industry. For example you can view some diversity profiles below -

Graduate @ - Free Careers Fair Registration Tool

Use our free customisable careers fair application to collect students details at all your career events. The data's secure, is 100% yours (it's not shared with any other employers), you can download the data straight away and upload it to your own ATS. Build your own stand here -

If you have a presence in all of the above you are using GradConnection to the full extent. For information on the different package levels visit our employers page here. Please contact us for more information.



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