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As peak season approaches, it's important to make sure that your profile on GradConnection is set up to attract the brightest graduate talent out there. We break it down, section-by-section as to how you can best optimise each element of your profile on our website (including a bonus written exemplar if you stick till the end!) 

Company Blurb  

  • 1-2 sentences about your organisation – keep it short, sweet and true to your company’s character

Closed for Applications Message  

  • Don’t lose out on potential candidates! Include 1-2 sentences directing students as to where they can find out more information about your opportunities – this could be to your other profile tabs or an ‘Expression of Interest’ form. 

About Us 

  • How and when was your company founded? What is your core purpose and mission? 
  • Aside from these basics, specify where grads are placed or how they’re viewed in the company – e.g. “future leaders of the business” 
  • Include pictures or videos of your office - graduates want to see their new potential workplace!  

Why Join Us? 

  • This is your chance to make a good first impression and hone in on speaking directly to students – what can you offer them once they join? 
  • Some key motivators could be: training and development, career progression real hands-on projects, a dedicated mentor, flexible work-life balance 
  • Don’t be afraid to flex any company awards here including our very own AFR’s Top100 Graduate Employers!

Our Programs 

Graduate Program 

  • Candidates want all the details about your graduate program offering – subheadings and bullet points are your friend 
  • Key points to include: 
    • Length of Graduate Program 
    • Graduate Program commencement dates 
    • Nature of the program  
    • Short description of different program streams available (if applicable) e.g. Sales, Finance, Supply Chain 
    • Desired skills and attributes of candidates 
    • Application opening and closing dates – it's good to keep this a rough guideline e.g. Late February as opposed to a concrete date to give leeway in case of deadline extensions 
  • Again, visual aids are the most eyecatching – include videos or photos of past graduate cohorts 

Internships & Clerkships 

  • Are your Internship Programs a taster of your Graduate Roles? Include: 
    • Length of Internship Program/Clerkship 
    • Internship commencement dates 
    • Streams available 
    • Potential post-internship opportunities e.g. a reference letter, fast-track to your grad program 
    • Application opening and closing dates 
    • Relevant videos or photos 

Other Opportunities 

  • Here’s your chance to include any additional Scholarships, Cadetships, Events etc. That you offer – follow the same rough structure as the two sections above! 

Organisation Insights 

Application Process 

  • Keep this clear and concise! Include a list of key steps with short descriptions for each stage from application to offer e.g. 1. Apply Online, 2. Aptitude Testing etc. 
    • An additional bonus is to convert this into an infographic or flow chart 
  • You can also include extra application advice such as top tips on how candidates can best prepare themselves! 

Employee Profiles 

  • Profiles of 3-4 current graduates/interns including: 
  • First name, degree, role 
  • Answers to questions such as: 
    • Why did you choose to work for the company? 
    • What’s your favourite thing about your role? 
    • What tips do you have for future applicants? 
  • Past graduates who now hold a leadership role within the company are also an encouraging option to feature! 
  • Not sure what questions to ask your current grads? Use our ‘burning questions survey’ here as a template (includes questions about their degree, their position, and their experience) 

A Day in the Life 

  • Feature of one person (2 max.) of an average day in their life working at your company-his is an opportunity to really illustrate what your work culture looks like! 
  • Potential candidates would love to know things like:  
    • Opportunities to get morning coffee with the team 
    • Office layout 
    • Lunch options (free food is always welcome!) 
    • Weekly mentoring meetings 
    • Graduate Cohort social hangs/events (during or after work) 

Workplace Culture 

Social Responsibility 

  • This is an area that is becoming increasingly pivotal to graduates so don’t be tempted to skimp or copy and paste! 
    • What initiatives is your company taking to better society or the environment? 
    • What causes are you passionate about? 
    • Do you actively encourage your team to take part in activities including volunteering, charity events and energy efficient practices? 

Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Similarly, candidates will be on the lookout to see if your company values align with their own: 
    • What is your company’s outlook on topics like gender diversity and cultural diversity? Do you have advocate for anti-discrimination and inclusion? 
    • Do you have a Reconciliation Action Plan? 
  • This is a great opportunity to include any cute team photos on hand! 

Perks & Benefits 

  • What are the added extras and benefits you can offer? They just might make the difference! 
  • Consider including: 
    • Continued learning opportunities 
    • Free gym or subscription memberships, 
    • Flexible generous leave packages 
    • Healthcare Benefits 
    • Free catering  

Bonus Tips! 

  • Be sure to make use of the option to link your social media pages to your profile 
  • Ensure you pick out the correct and most relevant disciplines for your company  
  • Still looking for some extra guidance? Check out our exemplar profile here, which you can adopt to suit your own company! 


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