Top 5 Employer Benefits from University Career Fairs

Posted by Daniel Headford

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Top 5 Employer Benefits from University Career Fairs

University career fair season fires the starting gun on the graduate program recruitment calendar. But, shrinking budgets and management requests for ROI have seen the humble fair’s popularity decline in recent years.

With more graduate programs entering the grad colosseum, we still feel university career fairs are one of the best ways to raise your brand profile and kick-start your attraction campaign (just don’t feel pressured to attend them all at once!).

These Are the 5 Reasons Why We Love Career Fairs

  1. Raise Your Brand Profile
    Many university students (29.78%, 2018 AAGE Candidate Survey) don’t start researching prospective employers until their final year! Being present at career fairs is an opportunity to expose your graduate program to students who might not yet know you exist.
  2. Humanise Your Brand 
    We love the face-to-face interactions and human element to fairs. They’re an opportunity for you to meet and connect with prospective graduates – and if your spidey-recruiter-sensor is working, you’ll get a feel for top talent you want to engage with and nurture positive relationships.
  3. Share Your Recruitment Process Secrets
    If there’s feedback we hear a lot from both recruiters and graduates, it’s regarding comprehensive screening processes. Career Fairs are an opportunity for you to clearly communicate your processes and expectations of applicants (as well as spilling secret insights into what you’re looking for in grads to help them get ahead).
  4. Demonstrate Your Workplace Culture
    Your Career Fair stall shouldn’t be managed by just anyone. You want to carefully hand pick grad employees who best represent your workplace culture and diversity (of background, education, and interests).
  5. Fairs Are a Key Touchpoint for Ongoing Communication
    Never underestimate the value of face-to-face interactions. Career Fairs are a key touchpoint in your candidate’s journey with your organisation. Whether you’ve spoken briefly before or it’s the first time your paths have crossed – find a way to incorporate these interactions into a broader awareness and engagement campaign. 

As suppliers to the graduate recruitment market – we love the energy and comradery of fairs. Not only are we able to meet our student registrants in person, but fairs provide an opportunity for us to catch up with our favourite employer community!

Is Your Employer Profile Ready for Career Fair Season?

On average, we meet with huge amounts of university students during the months’ long national career fair circuit (we run on coffee).

We’re also Australia’s largest and most popular graduate job search site. Which means your GradConnection Profile is an ideal opportunity to raise your employer brand amongst our 250,000+ strong member database!

Get in touch with our team if you’d like to learn more about advertising your graduate opportunities with us. We’ll be attending all the major university fairs around AUSTRALIA – so please visit our stand to say hi!



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